If there is a rift
Then be swift
Don’t drift
Just shift
Do you need a lift
Or need to sift
Ask for God’s gift


Lord, You gave me a jump-start
Oh! How great Thou art!
I am able to go about my day
Thank You for helping me on my way
You are so, very good to me
Thank you God; God Almighty

All we have to do
Is come to You
You will help us through
And protect us too
Thank you Lord of Host
You are the One I love the most


Words can be fun
Words are never done
With them you can run
Or sit with them in the sun
Speak them to a nun
Mother, brother, or son
They make finished or undone
With them the battles won
More powerful than a gun
Used to bless the Holy One
Words can be a few or ton
Hurtful words should be shun
Yes, words are quite fun

When God Speaks * Gen. 35:1-5

Genesis 35:1-5
When God speaks and we listen and follow His way – doing what He spoke – that’s when we become free. God goes before us clearing the way. His protective hand is upon us; no one and nothing can touch us – as seen here in the life of Jacob. Praise the Lord for His mighty protection and provision.
Note: It wasn’t just Jacob that God was protecting, it was Jacob plus his family, relatives, and those who worked for him.
Our actions, what we do, will definitely affect/effect our families, relatives, and all those around us.

I like what Joshua said when he was put in charge of a multitude of people, “As for me and my house we will serve the Living God.”  Joshua 24:15
Lord, open our eyes to see the wonderful things in Your Word.