If there is a rift
Then be swift
Don’t drift
Just shift
Do you need a lift
Or need to sift
Ask for God’s gift



Words can be fun
Words are never done
With them you can run
Or sit with them in the sun
Speak them to a nun
Mother, brother, or son
They make finished or undone
With them the battles won
More powerful than a gun
Used to bless the Holy One
Words can be a few or ton
Hurtful words should be shun
Yes, words are quite fun

When God Speaks * Gen. 35:1-5

Genesis 35:1-5
When God speaks and we listen and follow His way – doing what He spoke – that’s when we become free. God goes before us clearing the way. His protective hand is upon us; no one and nothing can touch us – as seen here in the life of Jacob. Praise the Lord for His mighty protection and provision.
Note: It wasn’t just Jacob that God was protecting, it was Jacob plus his family, relatives, and those who worked for him.
Our actions, what we do, will definitely affect/effect our families, relatives, and all those around us.

I like what Joshua said when he was put in charge of a multitude of people, “As for me and my house we will serve the Living God.”  Joshua 24:15
Lord, open our eyes to see the wonderful things in Your Word.