Be Aware

Be aware of the subtle,
for it can sure muddle.
It is truly a compromise,
which is so not wise.
If we knew what we were doing,
and who would be chewing,
we might watch what we say,
so no one would go astray.
Why do you formularize
it’s okay to compromise?
It is not okay;
It’s not the way!


The time is not to flirt
with sin that causes hurt.
Whether new or old sin
keep none of it within.
If you rid it from your life
you will remove internal strife.
The goal we should hold
is for the Lord to mold
us into a new spiritual being,
which is more than freeing.
But not only that
with our Lord we can chat.
We can sit at His table,
for He longs to make us stable.
But we each have a voice,
which is reflected in our choice.
If we chose to serve Him
our lives are no longer grim,
for He will cleanse us from sin
Only with Him are we able to win.

Provision *Joshua 20

Joshua 20;NIV
God takes care and provides for the innocent. He not only watches over them, but makes sure they have protection from those who seek to do them harm. God is good and just. In Him we can trust.
Thank You God that You provide for those who need Your help. You are a gracious, merciful, kind God. In Jesus Name. Amen.

God’s Love

God does not want us to mope
He wants to fill us with hope
more than just to exist and cope
God’s love forever endures
His faithfulness ensures
His mercy and grace secures.
Life is never grim
nor is it ever dim
when we stay in Him.
Blessed be my Lord and King
it’s of Him I want to sing
for He is my everything.
So come now and taste
this opportunity don’t waste
to the Lord God make haste.
He will give you what you need
He will steady your feet to succeed
it’s only through Him we are freed.


Every canvas is a journey all its own,
but you are never alone.
As you walk along the way,
if with God you stay,
He will guide your hand
allowing you to stand.
The colors will be bright
as you gain some insight
They will dazzle the page
as you continue to gage
what needs to be done
to have a wondrous one.
On your journey through
there will be plenty for you.
There will be territory to explore
the further you go, you’ll gain more.
The fruit of the land
will bless your hand.
It will be juicy and fresh
everything will mesh
together precisely
looking rather nicely.
So this is the journey I want to take;
one I wouldn’t want to miss or forsake.

You Are…

To my Father, my King
You are my everything
To You my heart will sing
Grace and mercy You bring
You are above all things
Of You our heart sings
You are the King of kings
Refuge under Your wings
You are high above all
On You we can call
You protect the tall
And strengthen the small
No matter the place
When we seek Your face
We can then find grace
This is always the case
Worthy and mighty are You
Merciful and faithful too
You are the only One Who
Glory and honor is due