Call on the Name
Call on the Name of the Lord
All powerful in might
Call on the Name, Jesus
And you will be saved
Saved from death and darkness
Saved from evil and sin
Call on the Name Jesus
And He will rescue you
From peril and from
The clutch of evil
Death cannot touch Him
Darkness has to flee
Peril’s hand has to release
The enemy has to yield
To God Most High
The Mighty One
Who is, who was, and will
Will always be
The One who will come
He will come for His own
In power; in might
It will be an awesome sight
For those who know
With Him they shall go
So put your trust in the One
The One who again will come
The One with the only powerful Name
Due all glory, power, and fame
Yes, His mighty, glorious Name
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus



Troubles will not last
They’ll soon be past
Look straight ahead
Trust what the Bible said
His mercy and grace
It’s all over the place
Call on His mighty Name
Seeking Him is the aim
He will come to you
Only He can see you through
He can set you on your way
Ensuring you you’ll be okay
Trusting in Him
Is not a whim
Then your eyes will see
How good is The Almighty


When I can no longer hold on
Your Name I can call upon
When the struggle is just too tough
Survival seems just too rough
Hardly able to move or stand
Feeling like I’m sinking in sand
When being overwhelmed is too great
This is when I should not hesitate
To call upon Jesus’ Name
This is from where help came
With His righteous right hand
He pulls me out of quicksand
His powerful outstretched arm
Truly protects me from all harm
What a gracious God He is
I’m so glad I am His


I just wanted to note
Today is Sukkot
It’s the feast of Tabernacles
Let all that talks and crackles
Lift up their voice
It is a time to rejoice
In what the Mighty One
He has graciously done
He is continually faithful
Let’s show we are grateful
For the next 8 days
Lift up to Him praise
It is a time to enjoy
What God does employ
He has given us so much
His hand our lives touch
What a great God we serve
Praise & honor He does deserve
Do this we should
Focus on what is good
Thank Him for your life
Don’t focus on strife
Thank the God of Creation
For the gift of salvation
Life is so much more
Than wanting “things” galore
The things you cannot buy
Only come from Adonai (LORD)
So take some time each day
Let’s do it starting today
This 5th day in October begin
He will give you joy within

Not Delay

The word of the day
Is not to delay
The word is to relent
Turn from sin and repent
Tell every person and friend
Life on earth has an end
Are you prepared for what lies ahead
Open your eyes and lift up your head
This isn’t profound
Look all around
What is found
People are bound
The word goes out this day
Take your sins & throw them away
Repent from your sinful way

Be fruitful and do not delay
Gain life and do it today