Psalm 130
Out of the depths I cry
Hear my voice Adonai
For mercy I cry
Hear and attend Adonai
With a record of sin
No one could ever win
Before God who could stand
There’d be no one in the land
But God does forgive
Enables us to live
God’s Word is clear
It is God we must fear
On the Lord I wait
He is never late
In His Word is hope
Enables one to cope
It is the soul
God can make whole
Put your hope in the Lord
Do this now in one accord
With Adonai is unfailing love
Full redemption from above
He will redeem from sin
And cleanse deep within


My Prayer

Lord, in You I need to abide
Remove every ounce of pride
In me, do not let it reside
Neither do I want it to hide
It’s power must be denied
I need Your help for I’ve tried
Many a nights I have cried
I need humility on my side
Today, this is what I decide
I say to you unwanted pride
Your ways I have now denied
All you have done is lied
Your ways in me now fried
In me they cannot reside
For I will not let them abide
I have a humble spirit inside


Lord, show me what to do
I come now, Lord, to You
I do need to know
The way I should go
Open my eyes to see
The path pleasing to Thee
To walk in unending love
Like a warm, comfortable glove
Steady my feet and hands
Help me obey Your commands
Take the blockage from each ear
Your voice my ears need to hear
You are a gracious and kind
Fill me with peace of mind
So, as I walk along the way
I pray everything will be okay
Thank you for hearing my voice
It is in You, Lord that I rejoice