On the Brink

When you do not stink
You are on the brink
And it’s not what you think
Look up, you’ll see Him wink

You will be pleased
For God has eased
The moment God has seized
It’s not that you’ve appeased

So come now
Dry your brow
God will show you how
To go out and plow

There is so much ground
Good soil is around
Look and it will be found
Your planting will be sound

I want you to know
you plant, I make grow
New life will show
I will lead you where to go


You are not just there
You are not just here
You are everywhere

You are aware
Because You care
You hear our prayer

God does follow through
In all He said He would do
You need to know this is true

If you pay attention
And have good retention
You’ll see a new dimension

What is your reflection
On God’s direction
Do you need correction

In You I believe
Yes, Lord I receive
You empower me to achieve

Do You

Do you go before your God
to give Him honor and laud?
Or do you only go to Him
when your life is bleak and dim?
Do you only seek His hand,
or do you adhere to His command?
Of Him, what is your contemplation?
Are you seeking a true relation?
If we could only see
the truth about God Almighty
we would be totally indebted
and regret all we’ve fretted;
our thoughts, ways, and stuff
complaining we don’t have enough,
and wanting so much more
even though we have galore.
We all have a plateful,
so we should be grateful.

Wise Words *Proverbs

Proverbs 22:17-19    (Paraphrased)
Incline your ear
Wise words hear
In this you can take a pledge
Apply your heart to this knowledge
It’s pleasant to keep them within you
Yes, this is a good, wise thing to do
Let wisdom be fixed upon your lips
From your mouth let wise words drip
So that in the Lord you can trust
His Word is righteous and just
This is the instruction for today
Meditate on it as you go your way

He Listens

Your prayers don’t go unheard
The Lord hears every word
You need to know this
Your prayer He doesn’t dismiss
He also knows how you feel
His love and compassion are real
He wants to help you deal
Your heartache He can heal
Go to the Lord God today
He listens to what you say
But He doesn’t stop there
He will tend to your every care
This is a true fact
On it anyone can act
To Him, anyone can call
Not just some, but all

Yes, 7

Proverbs 6:16-19     (paraphrased)

These 6 things the Lord does hate
With them do not mate
Yes, 7 are an abomination to Him
Do them and your life will be grim:
1. A proud look; haughty eyes
This the Lord does despise
2. A lying tongue
Whether old or young
3. Hands that shed innocent blood
Avoid this like a grave flood
4. A heart devising wicked plans
In any woman or man’s
5. Feet swiftly running to evil
Wickedness is their retrieval
6. A false witness speaking lies
The truth he/she denies
7. One who sows discord among brethren
Whether young, old, women, or men

7 Times 7

More than 7 times 7
Bread comes from heaven
His flock the Lord will feed
He will give us what we need
When times are good or tough
He will give more than enough
The Lord will watch over you
No matter what you go through
His Word and promises hold true
Just watch and see what He will do
To the Lord nothing can compare
So go to Him now with your prayer