God’s Word

I love to read God’s Word.
It should certainly be heard,
All through the land,
Because it is so grand!

About Today

There is something to say
about what’s going on today
Do not fret
better yet
peace get
If you have peace within
That will enable you to win
against all useless fear
to worry close your ear
The Lord will give His peace
Ask and He will release
You will have more than you need
If the Bible you read
You will get your feed
And be able to proceed
without a worry or doubt
They will not be found about
So go to the Lord today
Tell Him all you have to say
He will hear your voice
to this you should rejoice
The Lord will help you
with whatever you need to do


God Divine

O God Divine,
You are quite fine.
You bring joy to my heart,
And make me feel so smart.
I thank you for this day.
I want to shout hurray.
You are so good to me,
This I can plainly see.
You are here with me now,
I need not wonder how.
You guide me through each day,
And set me on my way.
I do want Your fill,
to do Your good will.
I thank you for Your grace,
Which fills me in this place.

Come Clean

You will not burn,
if you do turn,
from your sin,
that lives within.
You need to come clean.
You will feel serene.
The time is now.
Do you say how?
Get down on your knees,
and say, “If You please
come to me,
Lord, I need Thee.
Come clean my heart.
Will You impart,
a much needed healing,
To You I am appealing.
I need You in my life,
to free me from all strife.
Make me clean today,