If you are dismayed
something has frayed
something has gone wrong
something doesn’t belong
It needs to be fixed
It cannot be mixed
with imitation
or hesitation
Find the right thread
then fill your head
with truth from the Bible
this will cause revival
This will fix the fray
ridding you of dismay


Song Raised

I did raise
songs of praise
to my Lord and King
to Him I did sing
I’ll have you know
it is good to go
to Him with a song
it doesn’t matter how long
time is not a factor
though it affects you character
You will feel so blessed
it’ll seem like rest
He will renew you
through and through
He’ll put a smile on your face
as He steadies your pace
You will feel so strong
and all because of your song

Talk is Cheap

I will never hesitate
to always say,
“God is great!”
From His table I ate.
Talk can be cheap
It can be a heap
of rubbish in a pile
that can defile
If we watch what we say
then we’ll be okay.
Let our words not be a distraction
on them there needs to be an action
If we do want to talk
then we do need to walk
in what we say
each and every day.


Even if doubt is trifle
it sure does stifle.
It not only robs
it brings sobs.
They are so subtle
but they sure do muddle
everything they touch.
They are such
an evil force
driving you off course.
They may seem insignificant
but their power is magnificent.
When they appear
they bring fear.
They attack hope
and try to rope
faith and trust
trying to thrust
the one with belief
into great grief.
So push doubt
completely out.
Don’t let it stay around
otherwise you’ll end up bound