I am not some minor peon.
I am a victorious champion.
My mind is alert and clear.
My ears are ready to hear.
The past no longer has a hold
For I have broken out of the mold.
A new, good way is straight ahead,
One that I won’t fear or dread.
I will hold steady
While God’s getting me ready
His comfort I have found
Because His love does abound.
I have awakened to the Light
Now I request it burn bright.
No matter the situation or event
Whether lots of energy or spent
During the day or during the night
I will obey and do what’s right.


Sometimes when we don’t know why
the unknown makes us want to cry.
It sure tries to offend
when we don’t comprehend.
We just need to be real
and bring to God our appeal.
We don’t need a fleece
in order to find His peace.
Just tell the Lord how you feel
and He will easily deal
with the situation.
There will be no complication
so you won’t need your wit
just trust Him through it.


My connection
is free from obstruction.
the direct line
is strong and fine.
It’s free and clear
for me to hear.
There’s no more static
trying to rake havoc.
No longer am I puzzled
for the words aren’t muzzled.
They are clear as a bell
It’s easy to tell
what is being said
clearly to my head.
I don’t have to guess
there will be no mess.
I will know what to do
because my Lord got through.

Grief Relief

If you have grief
it can be brief
there is One who brings relief.
If grief you don’t mask
go to Him and ask.
It’s not a hard task
for Him to take grief away
just go to Him today.
Don‘t hesitate to say
how you feel
for the pain is real.
He wants to heal
what’s inside of you
to help you get through
all you have to do.
Just believe
you will receive
peace you will conceive.

I Have Found

God does not want us to be down
always walking or sitting around
with a great big frown
this I have found.
No, that’s not the way
He wants us to be.
So, each and every day
we should go to Thee.
He wants us to know
He is there for us
We, to Him, can go
We need not fuss.
See, it is no mistake
who’d take your pain
Gee, if your request you make
you’d have great gain.

He Takes It All

God takes all that I’ve had
all that was bad
and made it good
so I could
live a life
free from strife
Without a guess
there’d be no stress
for He did come
and give me some
help in time of need
which has freed
me to do as I ought
not getting caught
in the snares of the day
that the devil does lay
He has freed my feet
without losing a beat
I am on the right road
for He has mowed
the way for me to go
so I will know
I look ahead
and do not dread
for He is with me
this I see.