God is Faithful

God is faithful no matter the circumstance
so give no way to happenstance
His words are true
yes, He will always do
all that He did say
so don’t give way
to fear and doubt
get them both out
If you do penance
it will change your countenance
make Him your consolation
He has secured our destination
to Him, turn your face
you are in His grace
trust in the Lord God
He will save you from maraud



If my mind is on me
I certainly won’t be free.
If my focus is on my life
that will cause much strife.
If my mind is on You
in all I think, say, and do
I will be far from strife
not worried about my life.

Call to Me

Lord, Your Word says
“Call to Me
I will answer you
I will talk to you
I will tell you of things
Things that are great
Things that are unsearchable
Things no man knows
Not even the wisest in the land.”
If we search we cannot find it
It is not to be found
It is too profound
It is a gift from the Lord
He will speak
He will make known
What was once off limits
He graciously will reveal
Lord, I call upon Your Name
El Shaddai, Lord Most High
You are the Sovereign Lord
Your Word says You will hear
and answer my calling
I want the right number
I don’t want to be disconnected
I’m calling, I’m asking
Reveal Yourself to me
Make Your way known to me
Open my ears to hear
My eyes to see
My heart to accept
My hands and feet to obey
My mind to bow down before You


Who can afford
to deny the Lord?
There aren’t many
actually there aren’t any.
You will be in big trouble
your life will be rubble.
Even though you appear to thrive
you will not survive.
If you want to live
you must give
the Lord what is due
otherwise you
are all through.
So use your voice
make the right choice.
If the Lord you chose
you will not lose.
What you must say
“Lord, I will obey.”
In Him you will dwell
feeling quite swell.