Unquenchable Love

His unquenchable love
warms us like a glove.
It is such a good fit
At His feet we should sit.
He will direct our path.
Don’t be concerned about wrath
for you will always find
the God of Israel is kind.
He knows what we need,
so come now and heed
the words of His Spirit;
open your ears to hear it.
You, He wants to guide
we just need to abide
in Him and obey,
for there is no other way.
It sure does please us
when abiding in Jesus,
for the Lord does release
an incomprehensible peace.
He will give us all we need
in order to succeed.

Again I Say

Again, I say
on this wondrous day
be careful of decay
for it causes dismay
it blocks the way.
So, be careful of your walk
and what your tongue does talk
do not balk
nor should you mock
in thanksgiving stock.
Therefore, in Him stay
and do not sway
nor go away
from your God today
His Word obey.
Well, don’t you want to communicate
with the One who is great
do not hesitate
why not meditate
it’s priceless real-estate.
Don’t you know
the way to go
let the Spirit flow
then you will sow
and not walk in woe.
Come now and raise your voice
it is your choice
whether or not you rejoice
so, again I say rejoice
to the Lord, lift your voice.

Fear Him

If you fear Him
your life will not be grim.
No matter the storm
He’ll keep your heart warm.
No matter the trial
if there is no denial
of Him who sits on the Throne
you will not be alone.
He will be with you
guiding you through
all you must do.
For He is the One who
gives us not what we deserve
but our lives He does preserve
You can find His wondrous grace
on each and every face
He will fill your heart
and you will feel smart
and see how great Thou art.
Then you will want to start
singing and praising
for in His love you’re grazing.
It will feel so good
you will wish you could
stay there forever
Leave His presence never.

End of Day

It is at the end of the day,
when I go to the Lord and pray.
He will show me the way,

I need to wait on Him,
then my life won’t be grim
I will be fit and trim.

Time I will not waste
for my life will not be laced
with sins ugly taste.

I will do what is right
for I walk in the light
He will remove all plight.

So, on the Lord I will wait
on His Word I will meditate
praising Him for He is great!

Nineteenth Day

Show us Your path today
Lead us in the everlasting way
Gather in those who stray
And those who are on the fray
Remove stubble and hay
Burdens at Your feet we lay
Take fear and doubt away
With You we’ll be okay
Help us do as You say
Hold to truth and not sway
Glorify You at work and play
May we in Your presence stay
We thank you Lord for this day
This nineteenth of May


A divine interruption
Is a divine intervention
Only God knows
How it goes
Keep your eyes on Him
Life won’t be dim
God will open the door
The blessing will be more
A lot more than you can think
He can do this in a wink
Mighty is His hand
He’s ever so grand
He knows what is best
Follow Him and be blessed
To Him be glory and praise
Honor and thanks always