It is wise
not to criticize
one must realize
what it implies.



I need to watch the news,
then I can cruise.
What has been imposing,
is the body dozing.
In order to care
I need to be aware.
I need to know
the news will show
what is going on
and what’s frowned upon.
I need to stay awake
in order to take
to the Lord my prayer
over each and every care.

Fly High

I will
fly high
for I
drew nigh
to the Lord
who is good.
I could
yes, I should
fly higher.
My entire
earnest desire
is not to tire.
Even though
I know
the way to go,
God will show
it is a must
to trust;
not just
I’ll have enough
though it’s rough;
some stuff
can be tough.
But I say
each day
will be okay
when I pray.


Are you aware
of how you fare?
Do you seek God?
Or do you just plod
along the way
each and every day?
I do need to ask,
in God do you bask?
How do you fare?
Do you even care?
There is so much more in life,
you need not live in strife.
Go to your Maker and King,
to Him you should bring
every single concern.
He will enable you to discern
how to act.
This is a fact.
He will help you through
all that you have to do.
Why would He do this?
It’s a way He does kiss;
showing us His great love
sprinkling over us from above.


I hope you know
anytime you can go
to God anywhere,
to Him bring your care.
He is Thee only One,
who can get something done.
Even if it looks impossible,
it is not exhaustible.
He can always do it,
just go before Him quiet.
Tell Him what you want to say,
you will be more than okay.
God will handle it,
you need not use your wit.
Whatever it is….
for God it’s a whiz.
With a blink of an eye,
He can easily reply.
Although, one thing is a must,
in God you must trust.