St. Paul

I like what St. Paul wrote:
“Only in You can we gloat.”
It is not by my hand
that empowers me to stand.
If it weren’t for You
I would have nothing to do.
If the Lord I did not taste
my life would be a waste.
But I did taste,
so my life isn’t a waste.
I have plenty to do.
And it is all through
the grace of God
to whom I applaud.
Yes, You are the One
God’s one and only Son.


With Me

I can plainly see
that God is with me.
He always steadies my feet,
it is He who keeps me from defeat.
When my way looks cloudy
I hear Him say, “Howdy.”
He doesn’t want me to fret,
my attention He does get.
I seem to have confusion
with the onset of disillusion.
But the Lord comes to clear my way
His way He does portray.
His love and faithfulness
fills my heart with gratefulness.
His love and care are not happenstance
This is more than a for instance.

Not Bored

I am not bored
when I’m with the Lord.
He fills my time
sometimes with rhyme,
which is what I love.
It comes from above.
At other times
the Lord dines
with me
giving me
plenty of food to eat,
which tastes wonderfully sweet.
It enables me to beat
the intense heat,
which evil tries to bestow
for it comes from below.
The Lord will give me a word
that needs to be heard.
I then will sit and write.
It makes my way bright.


The problem with pride
is that it will hide
the inner true feeling.
It keeps from revealing
what is truly in the heart.
We try to sound quite smart.
We want to sound profound
to all those who are around.
The problem with this
is that we always miss
so much that is real
because of how we feel.
What needs to be done
is to go to the Son.
He will reveal the cause
and take all your flaws.
But only if you ask
then you will be able to bask
in the light of the day
instead of having decay.
You will feel so good inside
for he has taken all your pride.
You now have come clean,
which feels quite serene.


Now is the time to worship
Let praise raise from your lip
It doesn’t matter where you are
You can even be driving in a car
You can worship when it’s quite late
or you can do it while you wait
Why not worship in the hall
Why not praise Him with your all
It is fun to worship while biking
It’s even better when your hiking
Whatever place, wherever it may be
Now’s the time to worship God Almighty