The word on the street
Can be bitter or sweet
Change is about to come
To all and not just to some
Are you prepared and ready
Are your hands and feet steady
Look to Him who knows
He knows how life goes
It can be surprisingly pleasant
Like a beautifully colored pheasant
God holds everything in His hand
Everything bows to His command
His Word you do want to hear
Go to Him, He will draw you near

Be Careful *Deut. 11:22-32

Deuteronomy 11:22-32;NIV
God continually warns His people to “be careful” in what they do and how they act. Follow God, the Lord God of Israel and blessings will flow. However, if you choose not to abide by the Bible then blessings are withheld and a curse will follow if you disobey the commands of the Lord your God and turn from His way by following other gods.
Blessings and curses are set before His people. Warning after warning God gives to be careful about our words and behavior. He longs to bless His people. God is holy and sets a good standard for His people to follow. The standard is for our sake, our benefit, so we can live a blessed life. When we sin – for no one is perfect – quickly repent; ask God’s forgiveness and sin no more. God is gracious, faithful, and ever forgiving of true repentance.

Yes, 7

Proverbs 6:16-19     (paraphrased)

These 6 things the Lord does hate
With them do not mate
Yes, 7 are an abomination to Him
Do them and your life will be grim:
1. A proud look; haughty eyes
This the Lord does despise
2. A lying tongue
Whether old or young
3. Hands that shed innocent blood
Avoid this like a grave flood
4. A heart devising wicked plans
In any woman or man’s
5. Feet swiftly running to evil
Wickedness is their retrieval
6. A false witness speaking lies
The truth he/she denies
7. One who sows discord among brethren
Whether young, old, women, or men

7 Times 7

More than 7 times 7
Bread comes from heaven
His flock the Lord will feed
He will give us what we need
When times are good or tough
He will give more than enough
The Lord will watch over you
No matter what you go through
His Word and promises hold true
Just watch and see what He will do
To the Lord nothing can compare
So go to Him now with your prayer

In Trouble

I know I’m in trouble when
I have troubling thoughts again
They’re twisting and intertwined
Disrupting my peaceful mind
They do nothing but cause me grief
They sneak in like a relentless thief
In order to keep my life from sinking
I need relief from stinking thinking
This one thing I do know
To the Lord I must go
I pour out my heart to Him
I confess all that’s grim
He is the Lord God Almighty
But He carefully listens to me
Not only that, but He heals
Replacing what the enemy steals
I then am on the road to success
To Him my thanks and gratitude express
Whenever I call, He is there
He listens and tends to every care
So, if you are troubled inside
From the Lord do not hide
Go to the Lord God of Israel
Your troubles to the Lord tell
He’s kind and wants to help you
He is gracious and merciful too
If you don’t know Him that’s okay
He knows you, go to Him today
With you He will meet
Only He can steady your feet
He will guide you along the way
So why not go to Him this day

Drought *Deut. 11:3-21

Deuteronomy 11:13-21;NIV
It is factual information, which can be proven, that we have been in a drought for many years – especially this past year, 2016. The water table was very, very low. In 2016, we were in a severe drought. However, since the beginning of 2017 we have had plenty of rain – so much so that now we are coming out of a several year drought. We are no longer have a drought. And why is this?!?! A new leader was elected – one who stands against some of the abominations that were brought in by the past leadership. This ancient Holy Scripture held true to what was written in ancient times and holds true all the way up throughout history to this present time and will continue on into the future.  Thanks be to God!!!
I marvel at this. When we read the Holy Scriptures and see the hand of God over the pages of history it is one thing, but to actually see and behold the truth with our own eyes that is a whole different experience. I marvel at the Lord God, His power and might, His faithfulness to His Word, which is never failing and unending. Praise be to the Lord God who is worthy of all praise!
God is good and greatly should be praised.

Not Always Easy

It’s not always easy
Sometimes it’s cheesy
Or downright hard
The way seems barred
But yet…
Don’t let…
Life’s tribulations and trials
Rob you of peace and smiles
The Lord knows
How life goes
If the Bible you’ve heard
God is true to His Word
He alone is God above
His compassion is full of love
If you go to Him today
He will show you the way
Ask Him for His peace
This only He can release
You will always find
The Lord God is kind

Troubling Thoughts

Lord, I have all these troubling thoughts inside
Because of them to You I have cried
Everyone of them needs to go
All they do is bring me down low
May these troubling thoughts cease
In me Your joy and peace release
Then I will be able to go about my day
As You lead me in Your righteous way
You are glorious in all You do
You are gracious and merciful too
Thank you Lord I can come to You
Your mighty hand will guide me through
Thank you for taking the pain inside
Come Spirit of God in me abide
Thank you God for hearing my prayer
For I do know you deeply care