Life *Job 10:12

You (God) have granted me life and favor,
And Your care has preserved my spirit. (NKJV)
You (God) gave me life and showed me kindness,
and in Your providence watched over my spirit. (NIV)
Great verse to meditate on.


I need to focus on one thing,
and not on everything.
I need to choose only one.
When that one is done,
then I can move on
for that one will be gone.
Because it I did master
no longer giving
way to disaster.
It doesn’t matter
how slow
that I seem to go.
As long as I stay on track
not giving way to slack,
I will accomplish what needs to be done
because in me is the power from the Son.


There is a definite reason
for each and every season
some are called to relax
while others feel taxed.
The hand of God is stern
while His ways they learn.
Others are cut great slack
in order to be without lack.
Some lives are filled with woe
every which way they go,
but this is for a good reason
and only for a season.
Others are filled with joy
for their lives they enjoy.
Whether saved or lost
there’s always a cost.
But we all need to understand
the Lord God is grand.
He is so not like the Pest.
God only provides the best
God knows what we need
only He can provide the seed.
He waters it in order to grow
resulting in new life to show
So, there is rhyme and reason
no matter what’s the season.

Beyond *Job 9:10

Only YHWH can do beyond, past finding out, wonders, miracles, things we cannot fathom that are so grand that words cannot even express them. If you need something in your life, go to YHWH in the name of Jesus Christ and bring forth your petition, request, and problem. Only He can do wonders far beyond our expectation.
10 He (God) does great things past finding out,
Yes, wonders without number. (NKJV)
10 He (God) performs wonders that cannot be fathomed,
miracles that cannot be counted. (NIV)