God Spoke *Gen. 7:1-10

Genesis 7:1-10
Noah – was righteous.  Noah did as God commanded all his life – before the flood, during, and after the flood.  God spoke it and then God made it happen:  God told Noah to take animals and birds on the ark, however God was the One who sent them to Noah. Noah did not have to go get them, or even look for them. God brought all of them to Noah. When God speaks God does – proving He is faithful to His Word.

1 Thes. 5:24   “He who calls you is faithful and He will do it.”

Do You…

Here are some questions to ponder
Let them in your mind wander
Try this, I suggest you should
You will feel better than good
Do you think it’s odd
To praise and worship God
To God, do you talk
He will guide your walk
Do you honor God’s Name
Giving Him glory and fame
Do you read Scripture
God’s Word is for sure
Do you know Jesus
He gave His life for us


When I felt so alone
All I could do was groan
I was more than forlorn
Inside I was all torn
Close to losing all hope
On a slippery slope

But then
It was when

I called out to Jesus Name
Immediately help came
With Him I left my burdened load
He set my feet on the right road
He guided me slow and steady
He equipped and made me ready

But make no mistake
The choice was mine to make


Whether young or old
The same is told
Everyone is searching
Standing or perching
Humanity is the same
It’s from where we came

What is the meaning of life
Wanting peace and not strife
Not wanting fear or pain
Wanting comfort to remain
What about joy and peace
Pain & suffering to cease

About the internal struggle
To which do you snuggle
Living things are born then die
This fact no one can deny
But there is the One Eternal
Who can save you from Infernal





Way to Go *Gen. 6:9-22

Genesis 6:9-22
When God calls His servants (His people) to a task, God is very specific in how it is to be done.
Jesus we need to copy
There’s no room to be sloppy
Follow Him with all your might
Then you will find delight
This is the right way to go
This everyone must know
Make no mistake
There is one road to take
All others fail
Leading to travail