Why not start off this year
With triumph and cheer
2019 is brand new
Here’s something you can do
This day why not bring
The Lord God an offering
An offering from your heart
This is a good place to start
Begin with thanks and praise
Your voice in worship raise
Give an offering that is best
You will definitely be blessed
Just you wait and see
Gracious and merciful is He

God’s Way *Isaiah 10:1-4

God’s ways are righteous and just. He is against: unjust laws, oppressive decrees, withholding justice, depriving the poor, robbing widows and the fatherless.
God is giving a warning. This unjust way of living and treatment of others has to stop. Woe to those who do not stop and repent. God always gives warnings. It is the people who do not pay attention when God Almighty speaks.

Time of Year

This is the time of year,
That can bring you lots of cheer.
All that you have to do,
Is acknowledge the One who,
Created heaven and earth,
With salvation from rebirth.
The joy He wants to give,
A peace therein to live.
This overflowing love,
Comes only from above.
It is for you and me.
It is absolutely free.
What is the true meaning of life?
Are you filled with so much strife?
Why not give it all up today.
This truly is the right way.
It is as easy as one, two, three
To ask Him to come and be with thee.
So why not take a stand,
To walk around the land,
With your head held high,
He will draw you nigh.
His peace will fill your heart.
What a great brand new start.
His blessings are for the taking.
If only you are making,
A choice to come to Him,
It is more than just a whim.
He will ever be by your side.
He will never loose His stride.
Oh the joy He does bring,
It makes you want to sing!
His peace does fill the air.
He tends to you with care.
His love for you does overflow.
All you have to do, to Him is go.

Do You …

What you sow
is how you’ll grow.
The Lord wants you to know
in your actions it will show.
Do you listen to His Word?
Do you apply what is heard?
Do you listen to the preacher?
How about your religious teacher?
Are you hearing the true way?
Or does it sound like decay?
Be careful not to stray,
you’ll end up full of dismay.
Do you wonder why there’s lack?

Could it be you’re looking back?
Do you know the way to go?
Or do you say, “Lord show,
the way I need to know.”
Do you go with the flow?
What is the fruit
of this type of root?
These are not mere suggestions;
these are serious questions,
which should touch your heart and spur
you to reflect and give an honest answer.

Jew & Gentile

God is God of the Jew,
and for the Gentile too.
The Jew knows his space,
Gentiles need to learn their place.
This is the case,
which we all must face.
There is a gap so wide,
the church is full of pride.
Gentiles should not spurn,
but be open to learn
from the Jew, the elder son,
because the Gentile is the younger one.
Once pride is abolished,
the wall can be demolished.
The Gentile needs the Jew,
but the Jew needs the Gentile too.
There is but one God,
to whom we all applaud.
From the Jew let’s learn God’s Word,
so that Jesus can be heard,
and seen in all Gentile action.
May this be an attraction
on both sides
where the Spirit resides.
For the Jew and Gentile alike,
may the God of Abraham spike
an appreciation for each other
calling one another brother.
Then all would be swell
in the land we dwell.

Do You Know

Do you know,
You can go,
To God Most High,
With your cry.
He does hear,
Your burden He will bear.
To Him you should go,
He wants you to know,
Your burden He’ll carry,
‘Cuz the church He did marry.
Have you room,
For the Bridegroom?
If you do,
He’ll come to you.
He will always be true,
To me and to you.
Why do you wait?
Do not hesitate.
God is kind and true,
For He truly loves you.

Reward Comes *Isaiah 25:9

Reward comes to those who trust in the Lord God Almighty – that is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Those who trust in the Lord God shall be saved.
9 In that day they will say,
“Surely this is our God;
we trusted in Him, and He saved us.
This is the LORD, we trusted in Him;
let us rejoice and be glad in His salvation.”

The Highest

Give glory to God
all praise, honor and laud,
for what He has done
by sending us His Son.
Honor to Him in the highest
for He is the wisest.
He does release
an unending peace
on those whom His favor rests
blocking the way of pests.
God’s holy Word
is now heard
from angels on high
as they appear in the sky
proclaiming Jesus’ birth
along with his worth.
He came for mankind
to open their closed mind,
to fill them with the light,
enabling them to walk upright.

One Holy Night

One holy night,
a star burned bright.
Way down in Bethlehem,
is where it did stem.
Joseph and Mary,
were given a baby.
Way up high,
in the sky,
angels were heard,
giving a word.
The shepherds did hear,
and had no fear.
Even though it was night,
they immediately took flight.
They had to go see,
this new born baby.
The Wise Men from a far,
had been following a star.
This star did burn bright,
for many a night.
They did ponder,
what was yonder.
The star they followed,
was to see the Hallowed.
One does proclaim,
from the east they came.
They traveled far and wide,
riding on camels’ hide.
Their journey was swift,
for each had a gift.
Each one of them did bring,
a gift for the new born King,
It has been told,
that one brought gold.
Frankincense was brought.
That was a nice thought.
The last gift was like spice,
which sure smelled nice.
When the magi did arrive.
The baby was alive.
In the stable, on the hay,
is where the new born baby lay.
The parents couldn’t afford more,
because they were quite poor.
Each Wise Man bent his knee,
upon seeing the baby.
I bet their hearts did sing,
as they looked at the King.
Their gifts they gave,
to the One who will save.
Jesus is his name.
He is why they came.
Then they went on their way,
praising God for this day.
God deserves all the glory.
This is a great true story.