Be Assured* Deut. 9:1-4

Deuteronomy 9:1-4;NIV
Be assured. All the trials and tribulations that we go through God is leading us. Be assured today that the Lord God, the Mighty One of Israel, goes before us. He ensures our way by going ahead of us. So all we have to do is follow and the victory is ours. The way is not always easy; however all we have to do is trust and follow His leading. “The battle is Mine,” says the Lord. The Lord plows through making our way clear. The battle is whatever opposition comes against us, whether physical, spiritual, or emotional. God is the only One who can ensure success and grant victory. He holds everything in His hands.
Follow Him and He will make your way straight as Scripture says in Proverbs 3:5-12



This is a poem of thanks
to the One who ranks
The Lord above all
He’s heard my call.
The hand of Thee Almighty
has delivered me.

I cried out to Him
for my life was grim.
He heard my plea
and answered me.
Evil He drove away
the enemy could not stay.

To me He did release
comfort and His peace.
God is so grand
I am in His hand.

He watches over me;
He has set me free
from darkness and despair,
the Lord has heard my prayer.
Thanks be to God.

When He uses His rod
It’s for our own good.
This I have understood.
When we need to be disciplined
it is because we have not listened.
It’s a way of getting our attention
when there is great dissension.

God’s hand does relent
when we are filled with dissent.
His blessings He does withhold
in His Word it is told.
He is well aware
of how we fare.
He wants to give us the best
and come to Him and rest


Lord, remove all hopelessness,
and feelings of uselessness.
I need peace of mind,
which I cannot find.
No matter what I do,
no matter what I go through,
I feel I have a lack,
because of each attack
lately every single night.

Lord, I need insight.
I want to be clean,
for on You I lean.
Don’t let others pull me down,
losing my smile to a frown.
I need the wrong way blocked,
in order not to be socked.
I want to sing in the night;
a light burning bright.
I want to use my voice,
to sing songs and rejoice.

Lord, come and heed my call
I give You my all
Come and tend my need
To you I only heed.
Come and touch my mind
for You are so kind.


Remember *Deut. 8

Deuteronomy 8;NIV
God keeps saying remember what He has done in your past. Be careful to follow every command. Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God. Jesus said this very same thing in (Matthew 4:4). God humbles, tests, and disciplines His people – whom He dearly loves (that’s us). And why does He do this? God states over and over He tests, disciplines, and allows trials to come our way, so that it might go well with us. It is for our own good; for our benefit. They certainly don’t feel or seem like it at the time, but God is God and He knows best. As the Scripture says: His ways are not our ways; neither are our thought His thoughts. (Isaiah 55:8)
Remember. Remember. Remember.
Remember God is the One who gives ability, talents to produce wealth. Do not forget Him or it will not go well for you.