Be Strong *2 Sam. 10:12

2 Samuel 10:12;NIV
“Be strong and let us be brave – let us fight bravely for our people and the cities of our God. The Lord will do what is good in His sight.”
Do what is right, be strong and brave, fight for what’s right and just in God’s sight. The Lord is in control of all things and He will do good by His Word. God sees all, knows all, and is in all. Therefore, trust God.
God, help us to trust You;
To be brave and do
Your Word is true
Help us to keep our eyes on You.
You will guide us through
And bring victory too
Lord God we thank You


By My Side

When I feel low
You let me know
You are right by my side.
In You I can confide
what is causing me pain;
going to You is gain
You always pull me through
giving me peace and joy too.
I would be amiss
if I ignored Your promise,
so on Your Word I stand
as You lead me in the land.
Blessed be Your name.
Thank You that Your Son came
to bring us new life
freeing us from strife
and the bondage of sin.
Now we are able to win.
Blessed be He
wondrous God Almighty.

Great Leadership *2 Sam. 8:14-15

2 Samuel 8:14-15;NIV
God places leaders over people groups. Doing God’s will brings blessings. King David loved God and tried to follow His Word. As a result, God blessed David; as Scripture says: “The Lord gave David victory wherever he went.” Wow!” How would you like to have victory in every single area of your life? How awesome is that!
This is what the Bible says about King David: he was “doing what was just and right for all his people.” Not just for his friends, or the people he liked, or even just for his relatives – no, the Bible states David was concerned for every single life that was under his leadership, which was all of Israel.
Lord, God of Israel, may we be like David in that we, too, will be doing what is right and just in your sight for all the people that we come in contact with and have authority or influence over.
We lift up our leaders and ask that you would draw them to You, that they would adhere to the truth of Your Word, that they would be good leaders and care for the people that they govern over; that they would be fair and just when making decisions or laws.
May all that they do and say, may all that we do and say find favor before You, O Lord, our Rock and Redeemer. Thanks be alone to God Most High!