Take Nothing for Granted *Ezra 8

A human trait is to worry when danger lies ahead. However, God ultimately wants us to trust Him for provision, health, and safety. Ezra did just that. He saw the hand of God on his life, but did not take God’s blessings for granted. Ezra proclaimed a fast for the people going with him to humble themselves before God to ask for safety during their journey to Jerusalem. Not only for their safety on a dangerous journey, but also for the valuable possessions that would accompany them. It was a dangerous four month journey. God answered their prayers.
There is power in fasting and petitioning God. When we seek the God of Israel with fasting and praying, He is kind and gracious and will answer. There is no other but YHWH. Praise the Name of YHWH!



If you have strayed;
make a trade,
be not afraid,
it’s better if you’ve prayed.
It’s not a game of charade,
don’t waste time at the arcade,
it feels like a sweet parade.
Backsliding barricade.


Don’t be a pawn,
put your armor on.
Wearing it all day long,
will keep you quite strong.
It will defray,
any arrow going your way.
You will be protected,
keeping you from becoming infected,
with any kind of wrong thought,
harm to you will be naught.
So against the enemies hand,
take your rightful stand.
Don’t be his pawn,
put your spiritual armor on.


I choose to serve my God
Him we all should applaud
YHWH is righteous and just
A God in whom we can trust
Of everything He is aware
Don’t you know He is everywhere.
Our God we should exalt
wrong thoughts we should halt
Why not fill your mind
With thoughts of God who’s kind.
He is righteous and true
Plus He greatly loves you.

More Blessings *Ezra 7

Now this pagan Persian King was paying the way for a rabbi / priest (Ezra) to go back to Jerusalem. And not only that, Ezra was given authority to appoint magistrates and judges to administer justice to the whole Tran-Euphrates. Again, not only that, but Ezra was to teach God’s Law (the Holy Scriptures) to those who don’t know Them. Tremendous blessings here already, but God does not stop here. Ezra is to take silver and gold to be used to honor the God of Israel. Plus, in the king’s edict no taxes, duty, tribute on any of the Temple, workers, servants, or priest are to be paid. Wow!!! God is pouring out blessing upon blessing; so much so that it overflows in abundance.
There are consequences to sin, however when we turn to God and repent He not only forgives us our sin and forgets it, but blesses us as we serve Him. What a kind, loving, gracious, and merciful God we serve – YHWH. Your Name be praised!!!


The brutality imposed,
is now being exposed.
The secret files of the Spanish Inquisition,
put the Jews in a horrid position.
Because their faith they didn’t deny,
many Jews were ordered to die.
The torture was brutal,
survival was futile.
In the name of Jesus our Lord,
many were put to the sword.
They weren’t following God’s Word;
what they were doing was absurd.
They were making their own rules,
They were following evil like fools.
Those in charge were the true heretics,
because they were acting like lunatics.
All that death and pain,
all done under Jesus’ name;
the horror of it all,
because of the church’s gall.
The evil one got in,
causing the church great sin.
Over this the church needs to repent,
seeking God is how time should be spent.