Because I’m staunch,
God was able to launch,
me to a new height.
What a beautiful sight.
I am so aware,
I am in His care.
He guards over me,
even when I can’t see.


Be Wise

Be wise
and realize
faith is not by sight.
Come into the light.
Be keen
faith is in the unseen.
We cannot see the air
without it we’d impair
our breathing.
Results leaving
us to gasp,
trying to clasp
something to take in,
but it would be grim.

Important Decisions *2 Chron. 25:5-10

God is faithful. In His mercy, when we are about to make a bad or harmful choice He will warn us. But the choice is ours to listen to Him or not.
 The King of Judah did listen the first time and was blessed beyond comprehension. However, the sad point in this passage is that shortly thereafter when he was confronted again he chose not to heed the warning and suffered grave consequences.
We need to know that God takes His Word seriously. God’s Word hasn’t changed, nor will it change. God is honorable and He holds steady to His promises and covenants.
It is important to first seek God before making any important decisions. Making the wrong choice can be disastrous. It’s not about how we feel, or how we think, or about what we see. We are called by faith to trust in God in every situation. God is sovereign and in control of all things. However, we have free-will, so our choices have direct consequences as to what happens next.
Lord God, teach us and help us to seek you first before making any decisions. Then help us to follow and obey Your Word. Help us to listen to good counsel and reject all that is not from You. Even though we might not understand, we know Your ways are good and just. Keep us from doing anything stupid and from making poor choices. Thank You. In Jesus Name.

Thee One

The God of Israel alone
Is Thee One who sits on the Throne
He alone rules above all
Upon His Name we can call
He is mighty and great
The only One who did create
Everything compared to Him
Is dull and ultimately dim
Of everything He is aware
To Him none can compare
He alone answers prayers
He’s loving, kind, and cares