So Sweet

It is so sweet
To sit at the Lord’s feet
He does release
An amazing peace
So no matter what lies ahead
There is no need to dread
For you will find
A peace filled mind
Only God can do this
So if you do not want to miss
Sit at the Lord’s feet for awhile
You will get an unending smile

Grumbling #3 Water Again *Ex.17:1-7

Exodus 17:1-7
The people were again grumbling, complaining, and quarreling with God’s anointed one – Moses (third time). They still lacked faith and trust in God. God can do the supernatural and has shown them over and over that He can do what man cannot. God can sustain the human body any way He pleases. The people did not have a relationship with God. Oh they knew of God from their forefathers, but they did not KNOW God. If they knew God and the love He has for His creation they never would have said to Moses, “Why did you bring us up out of Egypt to make us and our children and livestock die of thirst?”
There are many things God could have done, however God chose to let this happen for good reasons. When God allows a crisis to come into our lives or even leads us by way of crisis, the first thing to remember is that God loves and cares deeply for us on a personal level and for everyone involved. He wants to protect and provide for our every need. He wants us to trust Him and to know there is no other god like God, Himself.
This chapter has many lessons to glean, however what stands out so loud and clear is that: This is about God and His kindness, mercy, grace, and forgiveness. Even when we grumble and quarrel God is kind and help us – even when we do not deserve it. That is exactly what grace is – God gives when we do not deserve His blessing.
Father, we are no different from Your people Israel. Forgive us for all the times we do not trust in Your provision and grumble and quarrel with each other causing hardship for those whom You have called into leadership to lead the church. Show us the err of our way and lead us in the way everlasting. In Jesus Name, amen.
Proverbs 3:5-8
Romans 10:12-13;NIV

His Way

The ways of the Lord are good
He is righteous and just
Know this we should
In His Name we can trust

His way is to help and to heal
So we can have a good life
He helps us to deal
And delivers us from strife

Oh the mercy of the Lord
It is abundant for all to see
Come and praise Him in one accord
He sets the captive completely free

Come let us worship His Name
By yourself or in a crowd
Give Him all glory and fame
Raising your voice, do it loud

Grumbling #2 Food *Ex. 16:1-32

Exodus 16:1-32
It’s been one month since God used Moses to deliver His people from bondage and slavery. God made a covenant with His people that if they carefully listened to His voice and did what was right in His eyes, then He would bless them, keep them healthy, and heal them.
God was testing them to see what they would do in times of difficulty. They grumbled again (second time) and failed miserably. Not one thankful word came out of their mouths. They even went as far as saying God wanted to starve them to death, and they were better off in bondage and cruel oppression because they could eat the food they wanted. How absurd!
God, again in His faithfulness, provided food for them called manna – a sweet bread from heaven. Each morning the people would gather as much as they wanted to eat for that day. God is not stingy!!! Whatever a person gathered was enough – not too much and not lacking. With this provision God also tested His people to see if they would put their trust in Him and for providing what was spoken to them by their leader Moses. God also provided meat for them to eat in the evening by giving them quail.
The choice was theirs to make – to trust God’s word. We have the same choice – the choice is ours to make. Will we trust God to take care of us physically or not? Will we follow God’s instruction and be blessed or not? God is teaching His people that He, God Almighty, can do the impossible. He can and will provide for all our needs. Just call upon His Name and trust He will answer. Note: God’s way is best, so He will answer the prayer(s) as He sees best.
All this to say God is loving and kind. He’s building a relationship with His people so that they will know that He alone is the One true God. And that He loves them and wants to care, provide, and protect His people.
The choice is ours to make as well. Do you trust God completely with your life? I mean really trust Him – in everything, with everything, no matter what happens? The question is posed. The choice is yours and only yours to make. David wrote: “O taste and see how good the Lord is, happy is the man who takes refuge in Him.” Psalm 34:8