The Lord God First

In order not to stumble
One must become humble
If you hunger and thirst
Put the Lord God first
He will show you the way
The way to go each day
Keep your eyes on Him
Do not give into any whim
In your life take a stand
To follow His every command

The Curl

There once was a little girl,
Who had a great big curl.
Everywhere she went,
Her hair looked bent.

It bothered her so much,
It would not change to touch.
She got down on her knees,
And began to pray, “If You please…”

Before she could finish her word,
Her heart felt prayer was heard.
When all of a sudden,
She felt a touch from heaven.

The curl was no longer a big deal,
For she saw what was true and real.
The meaning of life,
Cut in, like a knife.

It took the pain away,
And freed her on this day.
She now knows her purpose,
And is filled with a surplus.

Plenty of energy and grace,
Of which to run the race.
Her eyes have been opened to see,
The Lord’s salvation so rich and free.

So, the moral of this story,
Is set your sight on God’s glory.
It will set you apart,
It will fill your heart.

Freedom will reign.
Peace will remain.
There is so much to gain,
His love does sustain.

O yes, this is true,
God loves me and you!


When I awaken in my bed,
Lots of stuff goes ‘round in my head.
getting a hold of all my thoughts,
as I was once so diligently taught.

To focus on you, O Lord my God,
Is all I can do, and gladly nod.
The clutter goes away,
The moment I begin to pray.

I say, “Thank you Lord,
For Your swift and might sword.”
It is a gift given unto me,
That will do the job to set me free.

Your grace is sufficient for me,
With all my heart I will thank Thee.
I close my eyes once again,
And finish my prayer with a big Amen.


This is an absolute must
In God we must always trust
No matter the storm
Or what’s considered the norm
We can walk in peace
A peace only He can release
He will see us through
Because He loves me and you

Life can be so hard
Many are marred
But we need not fear
The Lord God is near
He truly does care
Go to Him in prayer
In all that we need to do
Only He can help us through


(Acts 13:16b-39 paraphrased)

Always remember
Remember what God has done
Each and every member
The victory has been won

Four hundred years in Egypt
All that you went through
The Lord God equipped
And He has blessed you

It was the Lord’s mighty power
That led you out
Then being your strong tower
40 years wandering about

It was HaShem
Who guarded over this flock
Judges He gave them
To guide them in their walk

Then came prophet Samuel
Then Israel’s first kings
Through David came Emanuel
Now ruler over all things

All this took place
For Gentile and Jew
God’s mercy and grace
It is for me and you


Can anyone afford
Not to serve the Lord?
Are His ways forgot
I sure hope not

For it is in Him we live
Your life to Him give
If I seek my own way
Then my life will go astray

If you truly want to live
Hold no grudge and forgive
Forgive seven times seven
And remove all the leaven

Have you heard what was said
His Word brings no dread
Anyone can find
In Him peace of mind

If you take some time
After reading this rhyme
Seek the Lord God’s face
You will find amazing grace

The God of Abraham is real
Tell Him how you feel
Only He can help you deal
Show you the way and heal