He is

In Him we live
Your life to Him give
You will also find
He is ever so kind

He will provide for you
And protect you too
He is right there
Tending to your care

From His cup take a drink
Life can change in a wink
There’s no need to dread
Anything that lies ahead

He does want you to know
The Lord God loves you so
For every man and wife
There is purpose for life

His purpose for young or old
In His Word has been told
It is for every woman and man
You will find it’s really quite grand


When you hear Him say
Go this way
It’s the Holy Spirit
You best do it

Only He knows
What lies ahead
That’s the way it goes
Do what He said

We don’t like the word “obey”
We want our own rights
We want to go our own way
Thinking great our insights

However when we do this
We most certainly will miss
That one step higher
When giving into wrong desire

The Pen

Lord, thank you once again
For the invention of the pen
It writes what’s said
Coming from inside the head
From mind to hand
The pen takes a stand
Once a word becomes ink
Those who read drink
If it nourishes the spirit
Then all should read it
If it does not nourish
Then it will not flourish
It won’t yield a good harvest
In that case do not invest
However, if the word is good
Then you absolutely should
Fill your mind and be blessed
For prosperity this is best
So, the moral of this story
Give God all the glory
All those who read
On words do feed
He did give the gift
So the pen to Him lift

Right Way

Lord, it’s You I seek
Come to me and speak
I am seeking You
Show me what to do
To walk in what’s right
I need Your insight
Show me the way to go
So the right way I know
In Your Word I stand
Guide me with Your hand
Clear my way today
This is what I pray
Lord, I thank You
For all You do
You protect and shield
To You everything must yield
Only You know what lies head
So there’s no need for dread
I’m with You and You’re with me
Thank You, thank You God Almighty
No need to worry or fear
For You, Lord are right here
In You I can always find rest
Lord, You alone are the best


I don’t have all the answers in life
But I do know how to avoid strife
I do know where I can find peace
The God of Creation does release
Every single thing that I need
He gives everything to succeed
He comforts, clothes, and feeds
He supplies all of my needs
So the one thing I do know
Life is a choice, so to God I go
Life would be grim
Living without Him


Come now and praise
His Name always
Sing Him a song
You can’t go wrong
When this you do
He does hear you

Only He can deploy
Unrelenting joy
Life needs not be grim
It won’t be with Him
Open your eyes to see
His grace and mercy

He truly does care
Go to Him in prayer
The time is now don’t wait
The time is growing late
Do this now and you’ll see
The hand of the Almighty