A pure, white snowflake
Swiftly falls on the lake
Undisturbed is the drake
Swims and does not quake
It is fun to bake
Or should I say make
A chocolate, frosted cake
The fun is to partake
Would you like a steak
Or prefer a delicious hake
Perhaps a cooked snake
Or just plain drink a shake


Even though
The Lord feels far away
It is so
The Lord does not stray

He is right there
Right beside you
Tending to the care
You will make it through

Why does it feel
The Lord’s far away
Believe in what’s real
He’s with you today

My Song

The Lord is my strength and my song
I could go on and on
To Him alone I belong
Anytime He can be called upon
Giving thanks or when something’s wrong
The Lord God is our
Perfect, strong tower
At precisely the right hour
We will see His mighty power
Oh how great He is
So glad we are His
Don’t be forlorn
Or walk around and mourn
Today is a brand new day
You are going to be okay
A new day will dawn
Yesterday is gone