Just Pray

I say
Just pray
It’s okay
Don’t sway
Just pray
This day



O God, you are faithful.
For this, I am grateful!
All you say and do,
Makes me love You.
I want to sing and shout,
And spread Your Word about.

You are so great.
I can hardly wait,
To tell of the Good News,
To those whom You choose.
I would not mind at all,
To go where You do call.

You will give me all I need,
Because You want Your people freed.
Your love for them is great.
I will not hesitate,
To share what I know about You,
Because You are the One who is True.

You bring such joy to my soul.
You came and filled the hole,
In my heart,
Right from the start.
Now I walk in gladness,
Because You’ve taken my sadness.

You are so good to me.
Oh, how I love Thee!
My Great and Awesome God,
To whom I do laud.
I give all my love,
To the Mighty One above.