Fairness *Deut. 1:9-18

Deut. 1:9-18

God is the One who sets up the ways of mankind. Rules and regulations, leaders and judges are for the protection and benefit of God’s people. Notice in verses 16-17 God is concerned with fairness for all people groups. He states specifically to judge fairly and show no partiality in judging no matter who it is, their status, or popularity. All people are to be treated equally – whether a friend or foe.
I love what God tells His people. God said, “Do not be afraid of any man, for judgment belongs to God.” And this we know for sure – God is good, righteous, just, and does what He says He will do. He knows and sees the hearts and motives of all humans, so His judgments are the best. Being in the hands of God is a far better and a safer place to be than that of any humans.


Great Value

What kind of offering
Should I bring
To the sovereign King
Not just anything
Or any old thing
It should be something
Better than a gold ring
Yes, it should be something
That honors the highest King
It should have great value
A token to the One Who
Loves and watches over you
Mighty and awesome things He does do
He’s kind, merciful, and gracious too
He will always guide us through
He doesn’t give up and will pursue
Oh yes, great things He does do
Blessed be the Lord; Baruch Hu   (Blessed be He)

God’s Will

(Proverbs 6:16-19)
Don’t be wise
In your own eyes
Watch your tongue
Or you’ll get hung
It’s God’s will
Do not kill
Keep wicked schemes from the heart
Plotting them is far from smart
Keep feet from running to evil
Which is heading to the devil
If you are lying
Your way’s defying
Giving false testimony
Only proves phony
Don’t stir up trouble
You’ll get caught in rubble
Love and care for one another
Especially sister and brother

Take Control

No matter who you are among
Whether are old or young
Take control of your tongue

From lying words purge
Let the true word surge
Turn away from the dirge

This is usually hard to do
Making our words few
Only speaking what’s true

Truthful lips and working hand
Wherever you are in the land
Guard the truth and take a stand