Angel of death
Sounds of
Sorrow heard
Over the
Vicinity of


Passover Lamb

The Passover Lamb
was sent by the great I AM,
because He did care
about His people’s despair.
He not only came to save
but to teach us how to behave,
to show us the right way
to walk each and every day.
He gave us all His love
and is as gentle as a dove.
His hand is the One who does control.
He is the One we should extol.
All honor and glory due His name.
We are the reason that He came.
So let us to Him raise
a sound of endless praise.

New Year

May the Lord this New Year
fill your heart with cheer.
May He give you shalom
whether at work or home.
May He give you insight
every day and night.
May He grant you good health
and fill your pockets with wealth.
May He keep you from strife
and grant you long life.
Just stay true to Him
and your life won’t be grim.
May this year that’s new
be a blessed one for you.


Why not start off this year
With triumph and cheer
2019 is brand new
Here’s something you can do
This day why not bring
The Lord God an offering
An offering from your heart
This is a good place to start
Begin with thanks and praise
Your voice in worship raise
Give an offering that is best
You will definitely be blessed
Just you wait and see
Gracious and merciful is He

Time of Year

This is the time of year,
That can bring you lots of cheer.
All that you have to do,
Is acknowledge the One who,
Created heaven and earth,
With salvation from rebirth.
The joy He wants to give,
A peace therein to live.
This overflowing love,
Comes only from above.
It is for you and me.
It is absolutely free.
What is the true meaning of life?
Are you filled with so much strife?
Why not give it all up today.
This truly is the right way.
It is as easy as one, two, three
To ask Him to come and be with thee.
So why not take a stand,
To walk around the land,
With your head held high,
He will draw you nigh.
His peace will fill your heart.
What a great brand new start.
His blessings are for the taking.
If only you are making,
A choice to come to Him,
It is more than just a whim.
He will ever be by your side.
He will never loose His stride.
Oh the joy He does bring,
It makes you want to sing!
His peace does fill the air.
He tends to you with care.
His love for you does overflow.
All you have to do, to Him is go.