Yom Kippur

On this Yom Kippur
Lord it is You I implore
I come to seek Your face
asking for mercy and grace
asking for forgiveness of sin
and to cleanse me deep within
Move in us this day
show the error of our way
expose all sin
that lies within
lead us to repent
from our sins relent



The Christ child is born
On this wondrous morn’
He came to set man free
That means you and me
He came to show us the way
Walk with him & you’ll be okay
He is the Saviour for our sin
With him you can only win
What a glorious day this is
I am so glad that I am his
So, let us all remember
This special day in December
When people celebrate his birth
Precious is Messiah Jesus’ worth
So in this Christmas season
Jesus Christ is the reason


Glory to God

Give glory to God
all praise, honor and laud,
for what He has done
by sending us His Son.
Honor to Him in the highest
for He is the wisest.
He does release
an unending peace
on those whom His favor rests
blocking the way of pests.
God’s holy Word
is now heard
from angels on high
as they appear in the sky
proclaiming Jesus’ birth
along with his worth.
He came for mankind
to open their closed mind,
to fill them with the light,
enabling them to walk upright.

Main Reason

There are several reasons
For the Lord’s times & seasons
But the main reason
For each season
Is to take time to remember
It’s for each and every member
Remember what God has done
How He has blessed each one
He is your protector and shield
Physical, emotional, spiritual He’s healed
In Jesus we have new life
He’s with us through calm and strife
He wants each one to know
O how He loves us so
His desire is that there be no loss
We obtain salvation through the cross
He gave his life freely for us
Remember to thank the Lord Jesus
If it wasn’t for Him
Our lives would be worse than grim
So remember God’s gift of His Son
Our life and victory He has won
Thank you Lord our God for what You’ve done
Blessed, blessed be Your Name O most Holy One

One Reason

There is only one reason
For this truly joyful season
Yes, there is only one
That reason is Jesus the Son
Yes, Jesus Christ is the reason
For this miraculous season
The hustle and bustle do not let
Jesus Christ our Saviour forget
So, proclaim with voice aloud
Messiah Jesus to the crowd
Come now and be swift
To tell of this wondrous gift
This season is Jesus’ birth
The gift God gave to the earth


Do you understand the worth
Of Jesus Christ’s birth
It’s really more than we can grasp
His worth is more than we can clasp
This unfailing, unconditional love
Only comes from our Father above
Nothing, absolutely nothing can compare
Even when we try, we are unaware
On the cross His life He did give
He did this so that we could live
So during this Christmas season
Let’s make Jesus the reason
Let nothing else take Jesus’ place
In Him there is mercy, love, grace


On this holiday
To the Lord say:
Lord thank you
For all You do
All You have given
And breath for livin’
For my hands & feet
For each and every treat
For family and friends
Your love which never ends
For Your protection and care
Hearing each and every prayer
Your Name we can call upon
The Bible we can rely on
For all that is seen
And all that is unseen
Creator, You are keen
Your blessings we glean
Grace and mercy galore
Faithful, kind, and more
So, do not hesitate
To say, “God You are great!”