My Actions *Gen. 6:1-9

Genesis 6:1-9;NIV
God was grieved and His heart was filled with pain over man’s (man= humanity) sin and the turning away from Him. The creation turned away from the Creator.  Here is something to think about:  Are my actions grieving God or not?

How do I act
Or do I react
Do I cause pain
Or promote joy
Does it remain
Does it deploy
Does it affect others
The choice is up to you
How about your brothers
Think – what do you do


God will never forsake
Don’t make this mistake
His faithfulness take
There is a lot at stake
Jesus came for our sake
There’s a decision to make
Life is not a piece of cake
But life doesn’t have to ache
Of His love intake
It is real not fake
To the truth wake
Awake, awake, awake