Win or Lose

The Mighty One above
Is filled with so much love
Are you fully aware
For you His love and care
If you could only see
He is great and mighty
Everything is in His hand
He’s sovereign over the land
His way is glorious
With Him we’re victorious
We can’t blame Him for our wrong choice
We have control over our own voice
What each one does choose
Determines win or lose

God Does Care

Be most aware
that God does care.
Go to Him
when life feels grim.
He will set you on your feet.
He will keep you from defeat.
Even when I can’t see
He is always with me.
His hand of protection
guiding me in the right direction
is what I need.
I continually feed
on the Bible
for survival.
It is His unfailing grace
which steadies my pace.
And His endless mercy
is always with me.