Be Aware

One must be aware
Of that nasty despair
It just wants to rob
It does a powerful job
Don’t let it come in
With it comes sin
It robs of all hope
No longer wanting to cope
Makes you feel alone
Trying to make you moan
Clouds your sight
Life looks dark as night
And there is no fun
Wanting your life done
When this the enemy flaunts
This is not what God wants
Turn to the Lord God quick
Turn away from the foe’s trick
Don’t let your feet get stuck
Do not walk in the muck
God truly does care
He hears every prayer
God does love you so
This you need to know
Go and rest in Him
Then life won’t be grim
Your life He can renew
He loves and cares for you
The choice is yours

John 10:10;NIV