There’s no one who can afford
Not to praise the Lord
Praises have soared
Hallelujah! Thank you Lord
For He is the only One
Great things He has done
In the Name of His Son
The battle has been won
Victory’s been scored
Praises have soared
Hallelujah! Thank you Lord


This is a hard test
keeps trying to rob my rest
Feeling just plain dry
no matter how hard I try

When you can take it no more
God will open up a door
He will give you relief
no longer bothered by grief




Before Breakthrough *Ex. 5:1-12

Exodus 5:1-12;NIV
Right before breakthrough the enemy binds and burdens to discourage in hopes that God’s children will give up. But God…..
But God has the miraculous in-store for both His people and the people who are in opposition to Him. God loves all people regardless of their love for Him.

Reason for Season

Ecclesiastes 8:6 “For there is a proper time and procedure for every matter, though a man’s misery weighs heavily upon him.”
There is always a good reason
For each and every season
Even when we can’t see
It’s in the hands of the Almighty
No matter what we have to do
He will guide us through
Know this is for sure
God is concerned with character