God’s Will

(Proverbs 6:16-19)
Don’t be wise
In your own eyes
Watch your tongue
Or you’ll get hung
It’s God’s will
Do not kill
Keep wicked schemes from the heart
Plotting them is far from smart
Keep feet from running to evil
Which is heading to the devil
If you are lying
Your way’s defying
Giving false testimony
Only proves phony
Don’t stir up trouble
You’ll get caught in rubble
Love and care for one another
Especially sister and brother

Wise vs. Fool *Proverbs 10

Wise = Wisdom
Brings joy
Righteous rescues
Won’t go hungry
Diligent hands
Gathers during summer
Blessings on head
Name a blessing
Accepts commands
Integrity lives securely
Mouth fountain of life
Love covers offenses
Wisdom = discerning
Store up knowledge
Fortified city
Labor = life
Follows instruction
Path to life
Controls lips
Tongue pure as silver
Lips feed many
Lord’s blessing
Enriches understand

Blessings come

Secure forever

Fear of LORD

Prolonged life
Hope and joy
Stronghold for honorable
Never be shaken
Righteous produces wisdom
Knows what’s right

Fool = Foolish

Brings heartache
Ill-gotten gain
Wicked crave
Idle hands
Sleeps during harvest
Wicked conceals violence
Name will rot
Foolish lips
Perverts his ways
Sly wink = grief
Foolish lips destroyed
Mouth conceals violence
Hatred stirs conflicts
Devoid understanding
Hastens destruction
Activity sinful
Rejects instruction
Goes astray
Conceals hatred
Lying lips
Spreads slander
Many words
Heart = little value
Lack sense
Shameful conduct
Dread will come
Are no more
Like vinegar to teeth
Like smoke to eyes
Years cut short
Expectation = nothing
Destruction for malicious
Will not remain
Perverse tongue cut out
Wicked perverse

Fill Us

Love is patient when someone is annoyingly wrong
Love is kind when frustration runs high
Love is forbearing when your buttons are pushed
Lord Jesus,
We need to be more like You
In all we say, think, and do
Fill us with Your love
Let us rise above
Everything annoyingly wrong
Let love be our song
May we always find
Like You we are kind
No matter what we are hearing
Help us to be forbearing
All glory, honor to You
Thank You for what You do
1 Corinthians 13:4


(Proverbs 2)

Accept Word
Store up
Listen closely
Directing heart
Call out
Lift voice
Seek as silver
Search as treasure
Understand fear Lord
Discover knowledge
God gives: wisdom
Knowledge & understanding
Success for upright
Shields those with integrity
Guards paths of justice
Protects loyal followers
Understand righteousness
Integrity and justice
Every good path
Wisdom enters mind
Knowledge delights heart
Discretion overseer
Understanding guards
Rescues from evil –
Perverse things,
Wrong paths,
Ways of darkness,
Doing evil,
Crooked paths,
Celebrating perversity,
Devious ways,
Forbidden woman,
Flattering talk
So, this walk
Way of goodness
Paths of righteousness
Inhabit the land
Integrity remains
Wicked are cut off
Unfaithful uprooted

Tablets of Stone

Ten Commandments make known
On two tablets of stone

Have no other gods is the first one
Make sure this is done

Idols for yourself do not make
This is a major mistake

Do not take the LORD’s name in vain
On your lips reverence should remain

Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy
6 day labor & work, but 7th day rest only

Honor your father and mother with respect
If need be forgive and don’t reject

Thou shalt not kill
This is God’s will

Thou shalt not commit adultery
By what you see or physically

It’s not about how you feel
Thou shalt not steal

Do not bear false witness; lie
All deception must also die

Do not covet
Your needs will be met

Let My People Go!

Let My People Go!
(Exodus 2-12)

Pharaoh ordered Hebrew babies to slaughter,
but Moses was saved by Pharaoh’s daughter.
This Egyptian lady
raised this Hebrew baby.
Moses lived in the house of Pharaoh,
but Pharaoh did not know.
No one knew
as the child grew.

When Moses was full grown
his roots were made known.
Pharaoh had a conniption
for Moses killed an Egyptian.
Because Moses was a Hebrew,
that’s when anger grew.
Into the desert Moses fled,
shortly thereafter he did wed.

Later, on Mount Horeb a bush did burn.
This is where Moses did learn
about the call on his life.
He was to save Israel from strife.
God gave Moses a script,
he was the Deliverer in Egypt.

The God of Moses
to Pharaoh proposes;
Let the Hebrews go,
otherwise there will be woe.
The consequence was not vague;
on Egypt there would be a plague.
A plague on each day,
until Pharaoh said okay.

Back to Egypt Moses went,
for that’s where God had sent
Moses to confront Pharaoh
to say, “Let my people go.”
But Pharaoh said, “Absolutely No!
I will not let your people go.
Who is this God I do not know?
This Hebrew God,
I will not applaud.”

The instructions to Pharaoh were not vague.
If Hebrews weren’t free there’d be a plague.
Then Pharaoh gave this ridiculous order:
Hebrews to make the same amount of mortar,
only they would have to find straw
for bricks, which became the new law.
This could not be done.
It looked as though Pharaoh won.

“As My servant Moses has spoken,
your Egyptian bondage will be broken.
Do not fret.
Pharaoh will let
My people go.
This you need to know.”

Right from the start
God hardened Pharaoh’s heart,
so the Hebrews would know who God was
through the mighty acts God does.

In Pharaoh’s court Moses stood in front,
then Pharaoh, Moses did confront.
God turned Moses’ staff into a snake,
but Pharaoh said, “Hebrews can’t take.”

Now comes plague number one,
turning water into blood was done.
Blood did defile
the river Nile.
Fish died and it did stink,
Egyptians could no longer drink.
Yet Pharaoh said, “No!
I will not let your people go!”

With plague number two,
this is what God did do.
He ordered the frogs
to come and make clogs;
they were all over the place
and in every space.
But Pharaoh said, “No!
I will not let your people go!”

Then came plague number three
by the hand of the Almighty.
Egypt had to pay a high price,
for now they were covered with lice.
Lice were on beast and men,
but even so, even then,
Pharaoh said, “No!
I will not let your people go!”

With plague number four
flies God did pour
all over the land,
but He withheld His hand
from the land of Goshen
where there was no commotion.
The Hebrews were free of flies,
while cries in Egypt did arise.
Pharaoh still said, “No!
I will not let your people go!”

Then came plague number five,
livestock did not survive.
In Egypt livestock had pestilence,
however in Goshen there was preference.
The Hebrew’s livestock was fine,
For God said, “These people are Mine.”
The plague was on Egypt’s livestock,
which caused Egyptian shock.
All their livestock left outside
from this plague died.
But, Pharaoh said, “No!
I will not let your people go!”

The sixth plague
was not vague.
God sent a plague of boils
on Egypt that spoils
the skin of animal and men,
but the Hebrews didn’t have them;
the Hebrews, God did protect
from boils which did deflect.
However, Pharaoh said, “No!
I will not let your people go!”

Then came plague number seven;
hail came from heaven.
Obeying God, Pharaoh failed,
so in Egypt it hailed.
It hailed hard and long
Pharaoh knew he did wrong.
But Pharaoh was an obstinate king,
so God sent hail ruining most everything.
Again, Pharaoh said, “No!
I will not let your people go!”

With plague number eight
everything the locust ate.
But again in Goshen
there was no commotion.
The locust did only yield
a great harvest in Egypt’s field.
Even so, Pharaoh said, “No!
I will not let your people go!”

Then came plague number nine
and darkness was the sign.
For three full days Egypt had no sun,
because of what Pharaoh had done.
Darkness was only where Egyptians were,
for in Goshen darkness did not occur.
Egypt was totally dark
still Pharaoh did remark,
“I will not let your people go,
because I, the great Pharaoh, said so!”

God’s mighty plan through Moses’ hand
was being accomplished throughout this land.
God allowed all plagues in order to proclaim
His power and might on earth in His Name.
Egypt thought their gods were vital.
Each plague represented an idol.
This is what caused Egypt to fall,
for the God of Moses is far above all.
Over the days God did display,
His mighty power to Egypt’s dismay.

The last plague on Egypt was number ten
this effected animals, women, and men.
Exactly at midnight the Lord did strike
Egypt’s firstborns and horror did spike.
Wailing was heard long into the night
from Egyptians caught in this fright.
All of Egypt did mourn
over the death of all their firstborn.
Jews were safe when the death angel came,
because they put blood on each doorframe.
Each Hebrew family shared a special meal,
while with Egypt God did deal.

They had prepared a quick feast
of lamb, bitter herbs, bread without yeast.
When Pharaoh’s firstborn died
to Moses Pharaoh replied,
“Take your people and get out!
Egypt does not want any of you about.
Now in your God I believe,
take these slaves and leave.”
Israel had lived in Egypt 430 years
had toiled and cried many tears.
The Egyptians had equipped
the Hebrews leaving Egypt.
They gave clothing, silver, and gold;
all that the Jews could hold.
There was great joy in the air,
for God freed Israel from despair.
God is permanently faithful,
and the Hebrews were grateful.

From this day forward
Jews need to remember that horrid
Egyptian bondage as a slave,
and the plagues God gave
to set the Hebrews free,
to worship, and praise the Almighty.
Israel is to do this once a year
by celebrating Passover with cheer.
It is God all must fear
this was made quite clear.

To Him

Ephesians 3:20-21   (paraphrased)
To Him Now
I say wow!
Who is able
And ever so stable
To do
For you
Overwhelmingly galore
Immeasurably more
Than all we imagine or ask
For Him it’s an easy task
He is a mighty strong tower
According to His power
That is at work within us
Glory be to Christ Jesus
To God be the glory
This is a true story
Throughout every generation
Praise be to the God of Creation
and ever