The Pain

When the pain gets stronger
And you can take it no longer
Turn to the One Who
Can totally help you
This is no joke
I’m not blowing smoke
There is definitely hope
The Lord will help you cope
Call upon the Lord’s Name
The results are always the same
It might not be as you think
But if you are on the brink
Call on the Name of Jesus
He will always help us
Just you wait and see
Great and powerful is He
Whatever you are going through
He will definitely help you
Whoever called on His Name
Help always, always came

A List

There is no need to keep score
Make a list of what you’re thankful for
Write down every little thing
Medium sized, large, everything
Make a list of them all
Whether great or small
It is a good thing to do
This most definitely will help you
Having a heart of gratitude
Will put you in a good mood
Whether you stand or sit
Read your list to hear it
If you think on these things
You’ll see peace your list brings


There once was a girl named Hannah.
She had a new and fancy camera.
And everywhere she walked,
The camera sure did talk.

She took pictures here and there.
She took pictures everywhere.
But, then all of a sudden one day,
She did not want to come out and play.

She began to feel down and blue,
For she wasn’t sure what she should do.
This bothered her day and night.
Her life was becoming one big fright!

She tried to handle it the best she knew,
Because that was all she knew how to do.
But then, it came one day to her.
That she had better find some help for sure.

Hannah then got down on her knees,
And said to her Lord, “If You please,
I need Your mighty help today,
For there is absolutely no other way.”

She began to cry and fret.
Oh, how this did let,
The truth to be revealed.
Oh, how she wanted to be healed.

She then stopped crying to wait upon her Lord,
And took out the great and wonderful Sword.
She opened up this powerful Book.
All she needed to do was look.

Her eyes began to read a Psalm.
Wow! She felt peaceful and calm.
Closing her eyes slowly,
She no longer felt lowly.

The Lord had helped her through,
A time when she was feeling blue.
Why did she not go to the Lord first thing?
He wants to help us with everything.

“I will trust in You,
If that’s the only thing I do!”
She got up from her knees to stand.
Ready to take her camera and walk the land.

Renewed and happy she went.
She will walk where she’s sent.
Hannah’s faith and trust grew a lot,
Because of the One she sought.

So, if you are down and blue,
You can go to you know Who.
The Lord. The Lord is the One,
To where we should always run.

The Lord helps us in our need.
He gives us healthy feed.
Why does He do this for you?
Because His love for you is true!

We Can Rely

No one can ever deny
It’s only God who can satisfy
On Him we can rely

He hears the tear filled cries
He touches the tear filled eyes
He is ever so wise

Great is His mercy displayed
And it’s affect will never fade
For atonement has been made

We can now walk in peace
Grace and mercy will not cease
Only He can make them increase

Great is our God
To Him we applaud
Give Him honor and laud

It is so sweet
When to God we greet
Because we want to meet

He takes the sting
Out of everything
Then our hearts sing

Whether a husband or wife
Whatever position in life
There need not be strife

Our God is in control
Of the path on which we stroll
Only God should we praise and extol

Come now and give Him thanks
You will improve in your ranks
You need not walk the planks

Hanukkah Story

Way back in ancient time,
There was a heinous crime,
When Greece had taken the land.
It was by Antiochus IV’s hand,
The Temple was destroyed.
The horror he employed.
For he did choose,
To destroy the Jews.

This awful Syrian King,
Pagan ways he did bring.
He was just plain cruel,
In how he did rule.
He made such a mess.
The Jews were in distress.
The pagans did try to demolish
God’s Word, but could not abolish.

Idol worship came about,
Pushing God’s way out.
No longer could Jew’s worship,
For the Temple they did strip.
Stolen was the silver and gold,
Much more could be told.
They desecrated the alter.
Wanting the Jews to falter.

The sacrifice of a pig,
On the alter was big!
Jews were kept from their holy tradition
Made to bow in dishonorable submission.
This was the most horrible situation!
Rituals were of a new formation.
This was the last straw,
What happened to God’s Law!

Then up rose a Maccabee,
To set the Jewish people free.
For now help was on the way,
The Maccabee leader did not delay.
The battle was hard and long.
These mighty men were strong.
They fought day and night.
They did not run in fright.

Eventually God’s people won.
The war was finally done.
There was no doubt,
What the next step was about.
The Temple was first on the list,
For it was surely missed.
In gathering a large crew,
They knew exactly what to do.

They began with sanctuary purification,
In order to have Temple rededication.
They did more than clean.
It looked so serene.
Then what did they find?
It needed to be shined.
The menorah was found,
Happiness did abound.

There was no hesitation,
For this Temple rededication.
The menorah was set on the table,
It was now standing quite stable.
At once oil was poured in.
Day one would now begin.
However, the big problem at hand,
Was not enough oil for the lampstand.

But the lamp did burn bright.
All through the night,
And into the next day,
The flame did not go away.
Much to their surprise,
The light did arise.
At the end of the eighth day,
More oil was brought their way.

A miracle was had,
God’s people were glad.
God did renew His people’s hope.
They were more than able to cope.
God’s people did rejoice.
Praise went up as one voice.
Able now to worship Almighty God,
With all glory, praise, and laud.

Faith was renewed in the land,
because of God’s mighty hand.
So now we remember,
This wonder in December.
Each and every year,
We think of God and cheer.
The Temple was cleansed and consecrated
With great joy this should be celebrated.