It is the Lord God
Due all glory and laud
Only He can meet the need
From His hand He will feed
It might not be the way it seems
But by His grace He redeems

Who Calls

1 Thes. 5:24 (paraphrased)

The Almighty
Only He
Who calls you
What to do
Said He
The Almighty
Who is faithful
So be grateful
And only He
The Almighty
Will do it
Every bit
So let Him
Life won’t be dim
You will shine
He says, “You’re mine.”
Go to Him today
He makes it okay
I ask, “Why
does Adonai?” (The Lord)
Because He truly cares
To Him take your prayers
Let Him know how you feel
He will help you deal
Why? Because His Word
Which needs to be heard
Clearly says so
He wants you to know

Have a blessed day
Go to Him now and pray
You will be okay
With Him stay
He will set you on your way