All Else

I don’t want to be seeking after different things
I only want what the Lord God brings
All else is good for nothing
What joy and peace can they bring
Oh they might look great in their disguise
But when one is awakened they realize
What appears to look good is not at all
When not from Yahweh all else will fall


Emotions bottled up inside
Won’t come out, so hide
It’s not about how you feel
However, emotions are real
Some are silent some squeal
With them one must deal

If not dealt with one will explode
Not knowing where it will implode
What a mess it can be
When it’s not tamed but free
It can truly make a mess
Leading to lots more stress

When emotions are not tended too
Who knows what they might do
Raw emotions can leave one dry
Dealing with emotions one must try
To the Lord give your emotional stuff
The Lord heals, for Him it’s not tough

This Land

Thank you Lord for this land
You hold all things in Your hand
Thank you for this land of plenty
This rich land of milk and honey
The freedom to come and go
The freedom to say what we know

Lord protect Your people’s rites
In our streets peace; not fights
Not be persecuted for our belief
And stand firm blocking unbelief
Being able to go anywhere to pray
Worship anywhere any time of day


Worry is no good
Know this one should
It changes nothing
Not one little thing
All worry does is rob
And it does a good job
It takes away peace
Anxiety it will release
Worry steals joy
Hinders life to enjoy
Oh what a beast
On emotions it does feast
Can’t have worry about
Need to just kick it out
Along with all its friends
Their time now ends
They can’t change anything
So to the Lord your concern bring