Grace *1 Cor. 1:4-9

*grace has been given to you; enriched in every way: in speaking and knowledge
*Christ in me confirmed
*not lacking any spiritual gift when in Christ
*eagerly await for Jesus to be revealed
*Jesus will keep you: strong to the end, blameless to the end
*God has called you into fellowship with His Son – Jesus
*God is faithful!

Above Everything

God is the lover of your soul
Only in Him can you be whole
Jesus is Lord and King
He is above everything
Life is in His hand
Sovereign over the land
He will guard your life
And remove needless strife
He will bring you peace
So fear and worry cease
Only He can deploy
An endless amount of joy
Go to Him and for joy ask
For Him, giving is an easy task
He really does care for us
Gracious and loving is Jesus