Hold your head high
Says Adonai
Hold firm and steady
Be on guard and ready
No need to balk
Steady will be your walk
You have freedom in the land
Protected by His sovereign hand
This you need to know
He is with you wherever you go
So with your head held high
Give thanks and praise to Adonai



An attitude
Of gratitude
One that’s not rude
It won’t cause decay
Do not delay
Do it today
Whether high or low
Wherever you go
Let gratitude show
It erases the mad
Then you’ll be glad
That you had

Fly High

I will
fly high
for I
drew nigh
to the Lord
who is good.
I could
yes, I should
fly higher.
My entire
earnest desire
is not to tire.
Even though
I know
the way to go,
God will show
it is a must
to trust;
not just
I’ll have enough
though it’s rough;
some stuff
can be tough.
But I say
each day
will be okay
when I pray.