There is a consequence
for every sequence
of events.
Be aware, hence
what is your action?
Does it cause satisfaction,
or does it create
a stalemate?
For all those involved
has trust dissolved?
It is my suggestion
that each question
you should examine
to avoid famine.


Let Go

The old is all through;
it’s time to go with the new.
No more same ole, same ole.
Take on a new role.
There is a newness in the air,
come now and be aware.
If you let go of the past,
you could be in for a blast.
This might seem foreign.
But then again,
why not try it?
It’ll be a good fit.

Joy Sounds

When the Lord is found
that’s when joy sounds.
He’s been here all along,
but we have been wrong.
We could not see,
because lack of trust in the Almighty.
God just sits
when we use our wits.
He patiently waits
one of His wonderful traits.
He never does force
when we’re off course.
He raises several flags
to show where the snags
are ready to trap us
robbing our surplus.
We usually go to Him
when our way looks grim.
He is always near,
so we need not fear.
His mighty hands
stretch across lands.
God is mighty big,
in this let’s swig.
If we stop messing around,
God’s grace is always found.
So today turn to Him,
He will make you fit and trim.
He will remove all fat
just like that.
It is for our gain,
if in Him we remain.
Above all, God wants us to know
His love for us is so.
In Him we can rest
God is ultimate best.

Your Word

Jesus, You gave us Your Word,
And now It needs to be heard.
Upon our lips,
From Your cup we sip.
You bring life to our bones,
Taking away all our groans.
Trusting only in You,
Is what we need to do.
You have been so good to us,
Why do we cry and fuss?
You take us by the hand,
Together we’ll walk the land.
No more sitting down,
No more will we frown.
Our heads lifted high,
Together we will fly.
We will go to new heights,
Oh, what beautiful sights.

Time of Year

This is the time of year,
That can bring you lots of cheer.
All that you have to do,
Is acknowledge the One who,
Created heaven and earth,
With salvation from rebirth.
The joy He wants to give,
A peace therein to live.
This overflowing love,
Comes only from above.
It is for you and me.
It is absolutely free.
What is the true meaning of life?
Are you filled with so much strife?
Why not give it all up today.
This truly is the right way.
It is as easy as one, two, three
To ask Him to come and be with thee.
So why not take a stand,
To walk around the land,
With your head held high,
He will draw you nigh.
His peace will fill your heart.
What a great brand new start.
His blessings are for the taking.
If only you are making,
A choice to come to Him,
It is more than just a whim.
He will ever be by your side.
He will never loose His stride.
Oh the joy He does bring,
It makes you want to sing!
His peace does fill the air.
He tends to you with care.
His love for you does overflow.
All you have to do, to Him is go.

Do You …

What you sow
is how you’ll grow.
The Lord wants you to know
in your actions it will show.
Do you listen to His Word?
Do you apply what is heard?
Do you listen to the preacher?
How about your religious teacher?
Are you hearing the true way?
Or does it sound like decay?
Be careful not to stray,
you’ll end up full of dismay.
Do you wonder why there’s lack?

Could it be you’re looking back?
Do you know the way to go?
Or do you say, “Lord show,
the way I need to know.”
Do you go with the flow?
What is the fruit
of this type of root?
These are not mere suggestions;
these are serious questions,
which should touch your heart and spur
you to reflect and give an honest answer.