Thank you that You hear me
To You I bring my plea
You always hear
Giving me ear
You remove pain and shame
From where I came.
Thank you that I can go to You
You always pull me through
The mire and muck
And all that is yuck



It seems the harder I try,
the more I cry.
The harder I try to be good,
I think of all that I should.
When I’m feeling overpowered,
I find my thoughts soured.
O Lord Help!
Hear my yelp.
What good can I do,
if I can’t get through.
It feels yuck
to be stuck.
I don’t want to be in the muck,
and I’m not relying on luck.
I am standing on Your Word;
Your Word, which I’ve heard;
Your Word, which is true;
Your Word, which comes from You.
Yes, I will break through,
that’s exactly what I’ll do.
On Your Word I will stand,
which I hold in my hand.
It is in my mind
my heart it will remind.
So, now I’m good to go,
the Spirit is here I know.
Thank you God,
to You I applaud!

Make Sure

Make sure you
say thank you
for what God did do,
you can praise Him too.
When you take your care
to the Lord in prayer,
He does hear, is aware,
and He’ll meet you there.
Tell Him how you feel
He will help you deal.
He is the Lord of all
to Him direct your call.
God is real and living
to Him direct thanksgiving.
He deserves your best
go to Him with zest.
You will feel good inside
with you He will reside.
But it’s not about you
and what you go through.
It’s about God
give Him honor and laud.
So make sure you always say,
“Lord, thank you.” each day.
He doesn’t have to do
what we want Him too.
So be smart
have a thankful heart.


The enemy will flaunt,
a sin that we want.
We need to stay clear,
and not give him ear.
If we do, our trouble,
could more than double.
He tries to get us off base,
it’s the same in every case.
Hallelujah to the Lord,
for giving us His mighty Sword.
To him, we will not lose,
for the Word we will use.
We will block pending shame,
by using our Lord’s name.
Calling on God from the start,
can defuse any fiery dart.