I did just find
I need to set my mind.
When I awake,
the first step I take
is to pay attention
to my thought dimension.
What course it does take,
it will inevitably make
me walk with ease,
which will be a breeze.
Or will my thought
lead me high-wrought?
Whatever the thought may be,
that is what will lead me.
So, I must make sure
I am standing secure,
in what my Lord has taught;
I am His, I’m blood bought.
Baruch Haba B’Shem Adonai.
In the Lord, I will rely.



All I had to do was ask,
which was an easy task.
It doesn’t matter how I feel,
God’s power is real.
One thing that’s evident;
God’s love is prevalent.
He really does care.
With you He wants to share
every single thing that’s good.
Why have we not understood?
Without a fuss
God is with us.
Why can we not see this?
Why do we sit and hiss?
Let’s just stop,
the attitude drop,
put on a smile,
all the while
acknowledge God,
and greatly applaud
His honor and glory.
Make this your story


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Lord for all that You do
You are mighty and powerful
Gracious and wonderful
Your forgiveness is amazing
In You new life will zing
Though we don’t always understand
Good and righteous is Your hand
In You alone we can stand
You protect and provide in the land
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
For all that You do
And for all You have done
And for the gift of Your Son
Worthy and deserving all fame
Praise and glory due Your Name

Each Day

In the Lord we trust
Because He is just
Lord everything You do
Is righteous and true
Worthy of all praise
Today and always
Lead us this day
Lord have Your way
As each day arrives
Be glorified in our lives
Receive glory and fame
As we lift up Your Name
In all we say, think, do
May it all glorify You
Each day that we start
May we bring joy to Your heart
Thank you for this day
Thank you for Your way