Be Wise

Be wise
and realize
faith is not by sight.
Come into the light.
Be keen
faith is in the unseen.
We cannot see the air
without it we’d impair
our breathing.
Results leaving
us to gasp,
trying to clasp
something to take in,
but it would be grim.


Thee One

The God of Israel alone
Is Thee One who sits on the Throne
He alone rules above all
Upon His Name we can call
He is mighty and great
The only One who did create
Everything compared to Him
Is dull and ultimately dim
Of everything He is aware
To Him none can compare
He alone answers prayers
He’s loving, kind, and cares


Lord, search us deep within
Expose all of our sin
Lead each one to repent
From sin help us relent
Cleanse us deep inside
Help us in Your Word abide
Wash us as white as snow
Faith and truth in us sow
Make us fit and ready
Our hands & feet steady
And wherever we go
Your love and kindness show


Blessed be
God Almighty
El Shaddai
Lord of Host
Of Him boast
Tell your mother
Father, sister, brother
There is no other
Come tell one another
Great and awesome is He
He alone is worthy
You will always find
He’s merciful and kind
Bountiful is His hand
Creator of the sky & land
Loving and gracious is He
Sovereign, strong, & mighty