Do we need to be aligned,
but we cannot be confined.
Our spirits needs to grow,
and be free to flow.
We need to obey God’s call,
We can’t do this up against a wall.
Our purpose would be diminished,
and eventually extinguished.
Our spirits would be down,
and our soul would frown.
We need to be where we can thrive,
not just get by in order to survive.
We need to be one of action,
not on our backs in traction.
Church should not be dead,
or something that we dread.
Going to church to use our gift,
Our spirits God would lift.
Lord order the steps of our feet,
so obedience we will meet.
So Lord bring us into alignment,
and free us from confinement.


The brutality imposed,
is now being exposed.
The secret files of the Spanish Inquisition,
put the Jews in a horrid position.
Because their faith they didn’t deny,
many Jews were ordered to die.
The torture was brutal,
survival was futile.
In the name of Jesus our Lord,
many were put to the sword.
They weren’t following God’s Word;
what they were doing was absurd.
They were making their own rules,
They were following evil like fools.
Those in charge were the true heretics,
because they were acting like lunatics.
All that death and pain,
all done under Jesus’ name;
the horror of it all,
because of the church’s gall.
The evil one got in,
causing the church great sin.
Over this the church needs to repent,
seeking God is how time should be spent.


There once was a girl named Hannah.
She had a new and fancy camera.
And everywhere she walked,
The camera sure did talk.

She took pictures here and there.
She took pictures everywhere.
But, then all of a sudden one day,
She did not want to come out and play.

She began to feel down and blue,
For she wasn’t sure what she should do.
This bothered her day and night.
Her life was becoming one big fright!

She tried to handle it the best she knew,
Because that was all she knew how to do.
But then, it came one day to her.
That she had better find some help for sure.

Hannah then got down on her knees,
And said to her Lord, “If You please,
I need Your mighty help today,
For there is absolutely no other way.”

She began to cry and fret.
Oh, how this did let,
The truth to be revealed.
Oh, how she wanted to be healed.

She then stopped crying to wait upon her Lord,
And took out the great and wonderful Sword.
She opened up this powerful Book.
All she needed to do was look.

Her eyes began to read a Psalm.
Wow! She felt peaceful and calm.
Closing her eyes slowly,
She no longer felt lowly.

The Lord had helped her through,
A time when she was feeling blue.
Why did she not go to the Lord first thing?
He wants to help us with everything.

“I will trust in You,
If that’s the only thing I do!”
She got up from her knees to stand.
Ready to take her camera and walk the land.

Renewed and happy she went.
She will walk where she’s sent.
Hannah’s faith and trust grew a lot,
Because of the One she sought.

So, if you are down and blue,
You can go to you know Who.
The Lord. The Lord is the One,
To where we should always run.

The Lord helps us in our need.
He gives us healthy feed.
Why does He do this for you?
Because His love for you is true!

Christmas Hustle

Christmas should be
the time of year,
When people are filled
with lots of cheer.

Being so busy,
hustle and bustle about,
Hoping what we want
will not run out.

The pace is quickened.
There’s so much to do.
Wanting to buy
only gifts for a few.

Then all of a sudden,
the time has drawn near.
It is almost that time,
and we say, “Oh dear”!

What has just happened,
what has gone wrong?
It is almost here,
and I haven’t a song.

Then I looked out my window,
to my amazement I saw,
the snow coming down.
It looked so cold and raw.

But wait!
What could this be?
It is my friends,
coming to visit me.

I opened the door,
and invited them in.
I could hardly wait,
for the talk to begin.

“We have been hearing,
that you are sad and blue.
There is so little time left,
and there’s so much to do.

We came over to see you,
because you needed to hear
‘This is a joyous time,
so why do you fear?

Put your trust in the Lord,
He will give you a song.
Why not do this?
How can you go wrong?

His peace He will give you,
you only need to ask.
Why not do it now?
This is not a hard task!’ ”

I sat there and thought,
Oh, now what have I done!
I do trust in,
the Almighty One.

I changed my focus,
onto the One above.
And now I could feel,
His mighty love.

Oh this felt great,
and I felt so grand.
I was ready to go,
for I was in His hand.

We said our good byes.
They walked out the door.
For now filled with peace,
I did fret no more.

The Pen

Lord, thank you once again
For the invention of the pen
It writes what’s said
Coming from inside the head
From mind to hand
The pen takes a stand
Once a word becomes ink
Those who read drink
If it nourishes the spirit
Then all should read it
If it does not nourish
Then it will not flourish
It won’t yield a good harvest
In that case do not invest
However, if the word is good
Then you absolutely should
Fill your mind and be blessed
For prosperity this is best
So, the moral of this story
Give God all the glory
All those who read
On words do feed
He did give the gift
So the pen to Him lift

The Curl

There once was a little girl,
Who had a great big curl.
Everywhere she went,
Her hair looked bent.

It bothered her so much,
It would not change to touch.
She got down on her knees,
And began to pray, “If You please…”

Before she could finish her word,
Her heart felt prayer was heard.
When all of a sudden,
She felt a touch from heaven.

The curl was no longer a big deal,
For she saw what was true and real.
The meaning of life,
Cut in, like a knife.

It took the pain away,
And freed her on this day.
She now knows her purpose,
And is filled with a surplus.

Plenty of energy and grace,
Of which to run the race.
Her eyes have been opened to see,
The Lord’s salvation so rich and free.

So, the moral of this story,
Is set your sight on God’s glory.
It will set you apart,
It will fill your heart.

Freedom will reign.
Peace will remain.
There is so much to gain,
His love does sustain.

O yes, this is true,
God loves me and you!