Hold your head high
Says Adonai
Hold firm and steady
Be on guard and ready
No need to balk
Steady will be your walk
You have freedom in the land
Protected by His sovereign hand
This you need to know
He is with you wherever you go
So with your head held high
Give thanks and praise to Adonai


Fly High

I will
fly high
for I
drew nigh
to the Lord
who is good.
I could
yes, I should
fly higher.
My entire
earnest desire
is not to tire.
Even though
I know
the way to go,
God will show
it is a must
to trust;
not just
I’ll have enough
though it’s rough;
some stuff
can be tough.
But I say
each day
will be okay
when I pray.


I rebuke fear
it is not allowed here
truth is made clear
now my ear
does clearly hear.
I will not bock
over the way to walk
removed is the block
new is the talk.
The Lord did show
me the way to go
so now I know
there is no more woe!
Faith I will thrust
for God is just
I know it’s a must
in God to trust.


To the One I’m serving
You are so deserving
Glorious in all Your ways
Compassionate & loving always
You are always there
Tending to every care
When I am sad
You make me glad
When I struggle
You come and snuggle
When I need help
You answer my yelp
Gracious and mighty are You
Glorious things You do
Powerful is Your Name
Due all honor and fame
As I begin this new day
Come Lord and have Your way


I hope you know
anytime you can go
to God anywhere,
to Him bring your care.
He is Thee only One,
who can get something done.
Even if it looks impossible,
it is not exhaustible.
He can always do it,
just go before Him quiet.
Tell Him what you want to say,
you will be more than okay.
God will handle it,
you need not use your wit.
Whatever it is….
for God it’s a whiz.
With a blink of an eye,
He can easily reply.
Although, one thing is a must,
in God you must trust.