I can liken God’s love
to that of a glove.
With no offense
let’s begin, hence:
It perfectly fits
around my hand it sits.
It keeps me warm,
which is the norm.
It is made perfect
without any defect.
Each finger has its own space.
Each space is in the right place.
It is my protector,
as well as rejecter.
It protects me from harm,
so there’s no cause for alarm.
It is my reflector,
because it is a deflector.
My hand is kept safe inside,
where nothing can get in if it tried.
The glove is a buffer
when I suffer.
It feels soft and cozy
making me feel rosy.
It keeps my hand from frostbite
even in the darkest, cold night.
Even though it’s a glove,
it represents God’s love.
Ask Him for insight,
you will see the light.
You don’t even have to use your wit,
for revelation will be a perfect fit.


Your Word

Jesus, You gave us Your Word,
And now It needs to be heard.
Upon our lips,
From Your cup we sip.
You bring life to our bones,
Taking away all our groans.
Trusting only in You,
Is what we need to do.
You have been so good to us,
Why do we cry and fuss?
You take us by the hand,
Together we’ll walk the land.
No more sitting down,
No more will we frown.
Our heads lifted high,
Together we will fly.
We will go to new heights,
Oh, what beautiful sights.

For Whom

Lord, You are worthy of all praise,
You are glorious in all Your ways.
To You our voice we raise,
This we do throughout our days.
It is You for whom we live,
To You our lives we give.
We are no longer held captive.
Neither are we inactive.
We will stand up for what is right.
We will live justly in Your sight.
It is in You that we do delight.
Thank you for this insight.

My God

You are the Mighty One.
It is from You that I did come.
You have a great plan for me,
This I can truly see.

You have been so gracious and good,
This I have plainly understood.
Though Your way is often hard,
You keep me from being marred.

You are truly faithful.
For this I am grateful.
You have always helped me through,
All that You’ve called me to do.

I don’t need to understand,
I just need to be in Your hand.
It is there I will rest.
It is there I am blessed.


I have been assured
promises from The Word
only God can give,
empowers me to live.
No more of the same old,
the new way I now hold.
I now walk strong,
singing my Lord a song.
Even though it’s cold outside,
I am quite warm inside.
I have much to be thankful for,
so thanks and praise I give galore
to my Lord and King,
a thankful heart I bring.