My Stride

Lord, I know You provide
It is You who steadies my stride
You have cleared the way
I am to walk today
The wind does blow
Stable me as I go
No matter what lies ahead
I will trust what You’ve said
My focus will be on You
In everything I do
Whether large or small
I’m trusting for the long haul
I will not be disappointed
For the Lord has anointed
Both of my feet
Not to miss a beat
So in Him I do trust
With one hand God can thrust
The enemy away from me
Opening my eyes so I can see
It truly is fun
Walking with the Son
He takes all fear and what pains
Only His presence remains
There is no place I’d rather be
Than to be walking with God Almighty


Not Dead

I am not dead,
I have been wed
to the One above
who sends His love.

I am not in defeat
communion with Him is sweet.
I will feel swell
when with Him I dwell.

Even though I can’t see
He takes good care of me.
He turns my face
to see His grace.

There are many interruptions
trying to cause corruptions.
All my love You deserve
You I will faithfully serve.

On the Brink

When you do not stink
You are on the brink
And it’s not what you think
Look up, you’ll see Him wink

You will be pleased
For God has eased
The moment God has seized
It’s not that you’ve appeased

So come now
Dry your brow
God will show you how
To go out and plow

There is so much ground
Good soil is around
Look and it will be found
Your planting will be sound

I want you to know
you plant, I make grow
New life will show
I will lead you where to go

Type of Season

God does not owe us,
so why do we fuss?
It is by His grace
that we’re in this place.
If there is pressure,
then it is for sure
that there is a good reason
for this type of season.
If we endure
God will ensure
a good outcome,
so don’t be dumb
trust in the Lord God.
When He uses His rod
it is for our own good,
and by it we should
turn from our harmful ways
giving Him honor and praise.
Then we would walk upright
and be pleasing in His sight.
We must never forget
there need not be regret.
God remembers our sin no more;
He does not keep score.
He always does forgive
freeing us to live
with Him in peace.
If only to Him we release
what bothers our mind
in Him we will find
a wonderful solace,
which would be bliss.

Do You

Do you go before your God
to give Him honor and laud?
Or do you only go to Him
when your life is bleak and dim?
Do you only seek His hand,
or do you adhere to His command?
Of Him, what is your contemplation?
Are you seeking a true relation?
If we could only see
the truth about God Almighty
we would be totally indebted
and regret all we’ve fretted;
our thoughts, ways, and stuff
complaining we don’t have enough,
and wanting so much more
even though we have galore.
We all have a plateful,
so we should be grateful.

A New Way

It truly is a new way
for surely it’s a new day.
All blessing and honor
glory and power
be unto God
God, Most High.
He is righteous and just
in Him we can trust.
His gracious hand extends
helping us around the bends.
We will not break
nor will He never forsake
the Word He gave;
only He can save
all through His Son.
The battle has been won.
All we need to do
(that’s me and you)
all we need is trust
for our God is just.
Our God is more than grand
for we are secure in His hand.
He helps us along the way
we must walk each and every day.
Glory be to God
all honor, respect, and laud.