I am above nothing
I am under God’s grace
God made known
It is grace alone
in which I stand
I am in His hand
I sure do stink
when I think
I’m better than others
and I’m above my brothers
Lord, forgive me
I do not clearly see
It is in reality
where I will be free
Before You, Mighty One
It’s not what is done
We’re all the same
in Jesus Name
His blood is our cover
awaken us to discover
that our true place
is strictly through Your grace



I have found
writing is profound.
The Lord sure does speak
for it was Him I did seek.
It is such a great way
for me to pray.
I am able to say
what’s on my heart each day.
Weather I’m happy or sad
whether I’m mad or glad.
Even if my light is dim
I can still go to Him.
He is always there
because He does care.

Last Night

My Sovereign Lord
has a great and mighty Sword
He is glorious
In Him, I’m victorious
In me, I have a big mess
In Him, I have success
Last night was a different talk
It was a refreshing walk
His Spirit was the One who led
because of Him, one was fed.
He gave correction
along with direction.
He stopped the commotion
enabling a promotion.
God is great
Last night we ate.
We ate hardy
it was like a party.
I did celebrate
He did elevate
a new understanding
on a new landing.
He brought me great joy
about the one who’s no longer a boy.

No More

There will be no more conception
of ungodly perception
No matter what does appear
understanding will be clear
No more bologna
away with the phony
When you call upon
I say, “Be gone!”
It will be the wrong number
I am not and will not slumber
I will not be connected
to the one infected
Nor will I freeze
I will move about with ease
I am in His sorority
He’s given me authority
I will stand firm
I will not squirm
I will use what was given me
to glorify God Almighty