I am so happy
I’m with the Almighty
I shall fear not
I’m with the One I sought
I shall have no fear
for my Lord is here
I have been elevated
His joy now celebrated
I have been brought
because of the One I’ve sought
to an amazing new height
Oh, what a wonderful sight
I have been lifted higher
this was my internal desire
though many things come my way
they will not take me away
from the One I so love
who reigns from heaven above.
to the Lord be glory
this is my story
all honor due His Name
this is my aim

The Race

I am in the final race
I need to quicken my pace
I can’t afford to lose
the right way I must choose
it cannot be guesswork at all
because that could make me fall
or it could lead me to a wall
or it could just plain stall
what I need to push through
In order for me to do
what needs to be done
I need a direct line to the Son
I need to know
which way to go
I can go fast
if I’m over my past
So Lord, please come
if there are some
things in the way
please remove them today
and please quicken my pace
for I want to win in this race


This new and wonderful gift
my spirit sure does lift.
I have a whole new attitude
my heart is filled with gratitude.
I am no longer blind
with hindrances from my mind.
I am now free and clear
my ears are open to hear
what the Lord has to say
each and every day.
I have made a great stride
with a pen at my side.
No more focus on wrong things
now my focused heart sings.
Hallelujah to the Lamb
God has freed me from the damn.
My mind is in a good spot
filled with the right kind of thought.

Here I Am

I am not here for myself
or to be placed on a shelf
I have a surplus
for a very good purpose.
I will not be haughty
for I am called to the body.
Do I know my place
Do I know which part or space
I believe I do know
Now I need to grow
into what God has called me to be
in order to please Thee Almighty
In my weakness, You make me strong
with You at my side, how can I go wrong

Mercy Seat

If we sit in the mercy seat
there will be no defeat.
If our eyes are on Him
our sight will not be dim.
If we hold tight
our grasp will be right.
If our hand is to the plow
we will get through it somehow.
It all boils down to grace
if we seek His face.
If our feet are on the road
we are in the right mode.
There is no time to dilly dally
for now is the time to rally.
If we unite and be one
then the task will get done.


Being clean
is so serine.
It feels good
like I knew it would.
Come away from the sin
then you will win.
If to the Lord you went
in order to repent
He will more than forgive
and you will be able to live.
The Lord will wash you clean
then you will feel so serine.
He will set you on your way
and you should have a good day.
Make sure you say thank you
for what the Lord did do.
You will find
you’ll have peace of mind.
To Him, you should thank
He is the highest rank.