Unquenchable Love

His unquenchable love
warms us like a glove.
It is such a good fit
At His feet we should sit.
He will direct our path.
Don’t be concerned about wrath
for you will always find
the God of Israel is kind.
He knows what we need,
so come now and heed
the words of His Spirit;
open your ears to hear it.
You, He wants to guide
we just need to abide
in Him and obey,
for there is no other way.
It sure does please us
when abiding in Jesus,
for the Lord does release
an incomprehensible peace.
He will give us all we need
in order to succeed.


Are you aware
that God is there?
He is everywhere,
and He sure does care.
No eye has ever seen,
nor fully understood how keen.
No ear has ever heard,
which might sound a bit absurd.
No mind has ever conceived;
understanding was not received.
Seems like everything’s concealed,
but God has revealed
the truth to us by His Spirit,
so open your ears to hear it.
This is how grace goes:
What God has prepared for those
who love and serve Him,
their lives won’t be grim.