God Reigns

Our God reigns
He is the One who trains
And removes our stains
There is no need for strains
Fear is what drains
His peace sustains
His love contains
Joy remains
He maintains


Beyond Measure

I am rich beyond measure
all because of God’s pleasure.
I have many sparkling jewels
all used as the Lord’s tools.
All the bright, shining gold
which now I do hold.
I have such peace
which You did release.
I need not moan nor groan
for You will make Your truth known.


I will review what was given
It’s a direct word from heaven
It will strengthen my bone
to review the truth made known
O how I have grown
through the Word I’ve sown
I have found great pleasure
secure beyond measure
Today is a day of rest
God always knows what’s best
Though there may be a test
I won’t give in to the pest
In Him, I stand firm
No need to squirm
This is the day the Lord made
In Him, I have not strayed
Everything will be okay
for my Lord goes before me today


Giving way to despair
will always impair.
You are on the brink
when you think
the easy way out
will route
what is not wanted.
Deception is flaunted
the pain will increase
which will release
hopeless gloom
seeing doom.
There is another way
to keep from this decay.
You need to seek your Maker
who is the only taker
of all the deception
which grew at conception.
He can take your pain.
In Him you will sustain
the right way of thinking.
He will keep you from sinking
back into that lost way
of hopelessness and decay.


The devil has hurled
evil at the world.
There is so much sin
that dwells within,
for he did rape
and there’s no escape.
He did pervert
causing much hurt.
Even though the way looks dim
don’t give way to him.
He tries so hard
to make us marred.
Him we need to resist
he will try to insist
to make us sin
he doesn’t want us to win.
But we have a great hope
so we can more than cope.
We put all of our trust
in the One who is just.
He stands up for righteousness sake
there is absolutely no mistake,
the Lord is the Mighty One
with Him the battle’s won.
The devil had his hour
but the Lord has greater power.
So, stand up and be strong
to avoid doing wrong.
The Lord is our protector
saving us from the Defector.