Joy is my sound
which I resound.
We all have a different note
but we shouldn’t gloat
because it takes more than one
to get the job done.
Together we sing
together we bring
a beautiful tune
that will soon
fill the air above
to the One we love.
We’re instruments in His hand
together we will stand.
How can we go wrong
singing His wonderful song.

Coming Coldness

There is a coldness coming to the land
that will fill the house of the Lord.
You need to be wise.
The Word of the Lord
will not be seen or heard.
Such a time as this –
When My lambs will go astray,
feeling empty, oppressed, and weary.
Tiredness will fill their hearts
wanting to lie down and sleep.
Some will lay down and die.
In the Word we need to be steadfast,
to the Lord God hold-fast.

A Date

The Lord is faithful
to those who are available
to do His will
freely He will fill
your life with power
He will be your strong tower.
We do have a choice
how to use our voice
the Lord to glorify
or me to satisfy.
If we do the latter
we will be the sadder.
If we open to the Lord our heart
He will immediately start
to not only show
us how to go
He will make our way straight
this is a promised date.


All I have to do,
is go to God in prayer.
I place my concern before Him,
I tell Him of my care.
I thank Him for His helping hand,
which allows me to stand.
My thought I make known,
to my God alone.
Praise is on my lips as well,
when I do, I feel swell.
I come to my Lord for help,
I never leave disappointed,
for He has anointed,
me for such a time as this.
I will not miss,
the wonders He has in store,
I trust in Him all the more.
He takes such good care of me,
it certainly makes me,
want to thank Thee Almighty.


Thank you, for today
What shall I do, I pray?
You have set me on my feet
so I am ready to meet
the day at hand.
I will manned
where I am to be
because You’re with me
I feel so calm
Your love is balm
to my spirit and soul
making me whole
Your peace inside
wanting to reside
abundant joy You give
in my heart You do live.
This I pray,
“Show me today
the way I should go
for this is what I want to know.”