When you are feeling sad
And are filled with sorrow
Gone is the peace you’ve had
Because of worry about tomorrow

This need not be
It doesn’t have to be at all
Call on the Name of God Almighty
He will tend to your call

He alone can remove sadness
Because of His love and care
Turning sadness into gladness
By tending to your prayer

Oh how marvelous He is
He is so mighty and grand
I’m so thankful we are His
We are protected by His hand.


There is a reason
For every season
His mercy endures
His grace secures
His faithfulness forever
His promises fail never
He asks us to trust
For His ways are just
It might not be what we think
But things can change in a blink
Just hold tight and follow Him
Especially when life looks dim
He will guide you along the way
With the Lord you’ll be okay