My Path

To the Lord who is dear
Today draw me near
Remove worry and fear
And every single tear
Lord, open up my ear
So Your voice I may hear
Thank you for my path is clear


Keep Going

When times are severe
Keep going and persevere
Don’t worry about the way
The Lord is with you each day
The storm – whether high or low
The Lord will show you the way to go
The Lord is good – trust in Him
He is with you when things look grim
He is right by your side
In His comfort you can abide
You can also experience His peace
Worry and fear will then have to cease
The Lord does care how we feel
Only He is the One who can heal
Thank you God for all You do
Be honored, exalted – glorious are You

The Lord

The Lord! The Lord!
It is the Lord!
He will do it
Fear not
It’s not in your hand
It’s not for you to decide
God is the One
It is only He
He who is
He who was
He who is to come
He will do it
With the blink of His eye
With the turn of His head
With His outstretched arm
All things…
Everything is in His hand.
Gracious is our God
Righteous and true
Slow to anger
Quick to forgive
Abounding in grace
Overflowing with mercy
There is none like Thee
Lord God Almighty
Kind and gracious
You do not disappoint
You are faithful and true
In all that You do
All things
Yes, all things
Are possible
To Him who sits on The Throne
To Him be glory
To Him be power
To Him be honor
Let us come and adore Him
Great is His name
And most worthy of praise
Blessed be He
Baruch attah

In Trouble

I know I’m in trouble when
I have troubling thoughts again
They’re twisting and intertwined
Disrupting my peaceful mind
They do nothing but cause me grief
They sneak in like a relentless thief
In order to keep my life from sinking
I need relief from stinking thinking
This one thing I do know
To the Lord I must go
I pour out my heart to Him
I confess all that’s grim
He is the Lord God Almighty
But He carefully listens to me
Not only that, but He heals
Replacing what the enemy steals
I then am on the road to success
To Him my thanks and gratitude express
Whenever I call, He is there
He listens and tends to every care
So, if you are troubled inside
From the Lord do not hide
Go to the Lord God of Israel
Your troubles to the Lord tell
He’s kind and wants to help you
He is gracious and merciful too
If you don’t know Him that’s okay
He knows you, go to Him today
With you He will meet
Only He can steady your feet
He will guide you along the way
So why not go to Him this day

Troubling Thoughts

Lord, I have all these troubling thoughts inside
Because of them to You I have cried
Everyone of them needs to go
All they do is bring me down low
May these troubling thoughts cease
In me Your joy and peace release
Then I will be able to go about my day
As You lead me in Your righteous way
You are glorious in all You do
You are gracious and merciful too
Thank you Lord I can come to You
Your mighty hand will guide me through
Thank you for taking the pain inside
Come Spirit of God in me abide
Thank you God for hearing my prayer
For I do know you deeply care