Do Not Delay

Too many times
Throughout my rhymes
I have said doubt
I cannot have you about
You are not allowed here
Along with you take fear
You can’t stay, so do not stall
You are not allowed here at all
Today you must go
Be quick and not slow
You cannot hang around
Your power is now bound
This word you must obey
Here you cannot stay
Go now; go away
Do not delay



I say doubt
get out!
I say fear
can’t stay here!
I say anxiety
not allowed in me!
I say worry
get out in a hurry!
I say in Jesus’ Name
you cannot remain!
I say get away from me now!
To His Name you must bow!


We have to understand
life is not how we’ve planned.
It’s not going to go
the way we thought so.
But that’s okay
if God we obey.
It will be better than we thought
for we will not be in naught.
This we should know
God will order the steps we go.
Believe God in every circumstance
for nothing is left to happenstance.
Don’t worry about your role
for God is in control.


No need to despair
Jesus can repair
No need to be depressed
Are you burdened and stressed
Turn to the Lord in prayer
Give Him your every care
He will tend to your need
He wants you to succeed
He wants to give you peace
And for your worry to cease
Trust Jesus and you’ll be okay
Take your burdens to Him each day
Then your eyes will see
Just how great is The Almighty

Month #6

In this month number six
Faith and fear do not mix
They do not go together
Like snow and sun weather
They are opposite
One is dominate
Push out that fear
Let faith steer
Don’t let it roam about
Push every ounce out
Then you will find
Great peace of mind
Ignore fear’s hiss
God will help with this
A new day will dawn
If the Lord you call upon


God does deploy
in me abundant joy.
No matter the situation
the God of Creation
is always found
to be around.
He knows what can and cannot be done,
for the battle has already been won.
Why do I always say,
“Go to Him and pray.”?
For in Him it’s a must,
in Him we must trust.
Even if I don’t know
the way I need to go,
God will lead,
I don’t need to plead.
I can just rest,
for He is the best!
He knows the way
to go each day.
He sets my feet
(He is so neat)
upon the right path,
because He hath
poured out His love,
which is softer than a dove.