New Height

This is about,
That awful doubt.
Doubt is such a bad thing.
It’s power sure does sting.
Doubt leaves you high and dry.
It makes you want to cry.
Doubt is such a pain.
There is nothing to gain.
When doubt takes over,
You’re in trouble moreover.
Because you’ve let it in,
It develops into sin.
All these doubts inside.
They do not try to hide.
It may start out just as one.
Before you know it, there’s a ton!
A doubt can be a sly little devil,
Keeping you from the right level.
It brings you down fast,
If you let them last.
They dwell inside your being.
They keep you from seeing.
The truth that does abound,
Is no where to be found.
Truth gets pushed aside,
While doubt goes for a ride.
It goes where it wants,
And it certainly haunts!
Doubt tries to fill you full.
You now are in a pull.
It likes to rule your life,
Bringing a great deal of strife.
Once this is made known,
The seed that was sown,
Must be removed,
In order to improve.
A battle will take place.
Doubt wants to win the race.
You must grab a hold.
Stand firm. Be bold.
The battle will be hard and long.
Don’t give in, and be strong.
It will be over at last,
If you’ve been steadfast.
Keep your eyes on the Lord.
Keep your hands on the Sword.
If you do this,
You can not miss.
Doubt will soon go away,
But will come another day.
Do not put your guard down,
For doubt likes to hang aroun’.
Eventually it will get tired,
And find a new place to be hired.
Make sure you don’t give in,
For this is the only way to win.
Call upon His name.
This is my claim.
Remember, before you fight,
He will show you what is right.
He will bring you to a new height,
For you have fought a good fight.
You are precious in His sight,
And in you He does delight!

Take It to the Lord

If you are feeling down and blue
Take it to the Lord in prayer
If you feel so all alone
Take it to the Lord in prayer
If you hurt or have pain
Take it to the Lord in prayer
If you have guilt or shame
Take it to the Lord in prayer
If you are tired or weary
Take it to the Lord in prayer
If you can’t seem to manage the load
Take it to the Lord in prayer
If you can’t find the right road
Take it to the Lord in prayer
If worry and doubts grab a hold of you
Take it to the Lord in prayer
If encouragement is what you need
Take it to the Lord in prayer
Whatever the pain or gain
Take it to the Lord in prayer
If you need help
Take it to the Lord in prayer
All that we need
comes from the Lord by prayer
For He truly does care.
When you do
get through
make sure you
take care
not to spare
“Thank you God” in prayer.


Here I am again
Your love is amen
I am in the midst of change
Lord come and rearrange
Lead me to be
Where I need to go
Take me by the hand
May I boldly stand
Not swerve left or right
Lord, shine Your light bright
Guide me in Your grace
Wrong doing erase
Lord, my faith increase
May all doubt decrease
Keep me from being in a hurry
Take all the fear and worry


Why do I worry so
for God does know.
It was God’s thought
that brought
me peace of mind.
I did find
and understood
just how good
all this was.
God surely does
know what I need
I don’t need to plead.
He is ALWAYS there
taking extra good care.
I wish I could forget
how to fret.
To stay in peace
would surely cease
the contrary thought
which is always for naught.
God knows what He’s doing
so I need to start chewing
on trusting in Him
and not give way to whim.
I must not let go
of the truth I know,
and when I’m not sure
He will send a cure.
On Him I will wait
He’s a sure date.
This truth I know
the Bible tells me so.

Work Done

When my work was done,
I decided to have some fun.
I’d take a long walk
to my Lord I’d talk.
It is a beautiful day
on this March Friday.
The rain is done
and now there’s sun.
The sun is shining bright
It’s such a pretty sight.
There’s a warmth in the air,
yes God does care.
There’s no need to worry
and no need to hurry.
We can now rest
knowing we are blessed.