In Trouble

I know I’m in trouble when
I have troubling thoughts again
They’re twisting and intertwined
Disrupting my peaceful mind
They do nothing but cause me grief
They sneak in like a relentless thief
In order to keep my life from sinking
I need relief from stinking thinking
This one thing I do know
To the Lord I must go
I pour out my heart to Him
I confess all that’s grim
He is the Lord God Almighty
But He carefully listens to me
Not only that, but He heals
Replacing what the enemy steals
I then am on the road to success
To Him my thanks and gratitude express
Whenever I call, He is there
He listens and tends to every care
So, if you are troubled inside
From the Lord do not hide
Go to the Lord God of Israel
Your troubles to the Lord tell
He’s kind and wants to help you
He is gracious and merciful too
If you don’t know Him that’s okay
He knows you, go to Him today
With you He will meet
Only He can steady your feet
He will guide you along the way
So why not go to Him this day

Troubling Thoughts

Lord, I have all these troubling thoughts inside
Because of them to You I have cried
Everyone of them needs to go
All they do is bring me down low
May these troubling thoughts cease
In me Your joy and peace release
Then I will be able to go about my day
As You lead me in Your righteous way
You are glorious in all You do
You are gracious and merciful too
Thank you Lord I can come to You
Your mighty hand will guide me through
Thank you for taking the pain inside
Come Spirit of God in me abide
Thank you God for hearing my prayer
For I do know you deeply care


This is a poem of thanks
to the One who ranks
The Lord above all
He’s heard my call.
The hand of Thee Almighty
has delivered me.

I cried out to Him
for my life was grim.
He heard my plea
and answered me.
Evil He drove away
the enemy could not stay.

To me He did release
comfort and His peace.
God is so grand
I am in His hand.

He watches over me;
He has set me free
from darkness and despair,
the Lord has heard my prayer.
Thanks be to God.

When He uses His rod
It’s for our own good.
This I have understood.
When we need to be disciplined
it is because we have not listened.
It’s a way of getting our attention
when there is great dissension.

God’s hand does relent
when we are filled with dissent.
His blessings He does withhold
in His Word it is told.
He is well aware
of how we fare.
He wants to give us the best
and come to Him and rest