Adam & Eve *Gen. 3

Genesis 3;NIV
*Whether we eat or just touch what God says not too – it will bring   death.
*Who am I listening too – Jesus or the evil one?
*Sin is: good tasting, desirable, and pleasing to the eye – but brings   hardship and death.
*Blaming someone else for our sin doesn’t make it right or justify us.   Plus, there’s a grave consequence to one’s own actions/reactions.

God does know what is best
Only in Him can we truly rest
Every action
Every reaction
Has a consequence
Each one has been given a choice
Will you cry or will you rejoice
Make no mistake
The choice is ours to make
In God’s sight
Will it be right
Call on Him right away
Do not delay
Your call He will heed
He will give you what you need
But you have to go to Him
And not give into whim
Then you can succeed
You the Lord has freed

Don’t be like Adam and Eve
And let the Evil One deceive
If you make the right choice
Then you will rejoice
You won’t be caught in Satan’s web
You have listened to what God said
We choose many times a day
Walking with Him you’ll be okay