Corona virus prayer

pray daily at 7:00pm (together our prayers rise like incense before our Mighty God)
This is why is prayer so important: Num. 16:46-50 (please read)
Also, isn’t it interesting that Passover is only a couple of weeks away and that we have a worldwide plague. Interesting, right now a plague before Passover.
What to do?
1.Draw near to God
2.Examine your heart
4.Plead for God’s mercy
5.Intercede for your country and others
If you need prayer points here are some:
*Lord, have mercy on Your people
*pray for your town, state, federal leaders
*give wisdom & knowledge to town, state, national leaders to make wise decisions and good choices for the good of Your Kingdom, God and this nation
*protect us, our families physically, spiritually, and emotionally
*grant our families good health and stay healthy.
* persevere in this time of trial and testing with a good attitude and helping out where we can
*God’s people would not fear, but put their trust in God no matter what happens
*people would seek God, repent, and turn whole heartedly to God, and develop a relationship with Him that lasts
*open doors of opportunity for Christians to witness to others
*Lord, help us to obey the laws that govern us whether we like them or not
*protect Your people especially the elderly and compromised health issues
*that we would use our time to get priorities straight and put God first
*strengthen and give boldness to church leaders to speak out the truth –
the full Gospel. Fill them with the Holy Spirit.
*soften and break hardened hearts that they would turn to You Lord
*keep children, elderly, those with health issues from fear and worry about the C-virus and all that it entails
*help us, Your people, to use our time wisely and not waste it
*remove all the hype and false news and give Your people discernment to make wise choices and good decisions
*provide us with good food and water
*keep people from hording and wasting water, food and products
*Keep our town, state, national leaders from extreme and unnecessary measures
*God’s will be done!
*people would get the medical care (non-Corona) and treatment that they need
*prepare your people; that we would be a prepared people physically & spiritually
*we would endure with a good attitude whatever lies ahead with eyes on You, patience, faith, trust, & hope in You, Lord

Offerings *Num. 28:1-15

Numbers 28:1-15;NIV
God spoke of three offerings:
1. Daily offeringsChrist said we are to present our bodies as pleasing sacrifices before the Lord God.
2. Sabbath offeringmore is required on the Sabbath. This is more than a giving of ourselves to the Lord God.
3. Monthly offeringsabove and beyond the Sabbath and daily offerings.
Offerings for usin our generation we don’t give animal offerings nor sacrifices. Jesus Christ is our one and only final Sacrifice – once and for all. However, we should never go to God empty handed. All things come from Him, so what He gives we are to give at least 1/10 back to Him. To name a few offerings and sacrifices that we can give to God: time, money, talents, skills. Notice when God was declaring an offering from the people, He didn’t just ask for one thing. Most people think only money when they hear offering or sacrifice, but money is only one small part of giving.
Lord God of Israel show us what to give and where to give our sacrifices and offerings to You. Open our ears to hear and our hearts to accept Your Word. Thank You.

Future Generations *Num. 27:1-11

Numbers 27:1-11;NIV
God is concerned with future generation’s inheritance. He made provisions so that the next generation and the following generations would not be left out of obtaining an inheritance.
Thank you God that You are faithful not only to past generations and the people of today, but You are concerned for the welfare of future generations. Thank you for making provisions for future generations, so that they won’t be left out of the inheritance that You give Your people.

Nothing can Withstand *Num. 24:12-13

Numbers 24:12-13;NIV
God Almighty; the One true God; the God of Israel is above all. He is sovereign. Nothing can be done unless God allows it. He is supreme; nothing can withstand Him. Everything has to bow before Him; bow to do His will. What an awesome God we serve.
Thank you God for Your faithfulness to Your people. Even when we do not deserve Your blessings, You stay faithful to Your Word. Help us to bring glory and honor to Your Holy Name; the Name above all names. In the mighty Name of Jesus Messiah, our Lord and Saviour.

Above All *Num. 22

Numbers 22;NIV
God is above all. God’s protective hand is on His people keeping them safe, and they are totally unaware of it. A ruler wants a curse placed on them, but God says, “No! They are a blessed people. What I bless no man can curse.” Even when God’s Word is ignored and man continues on his way God will intervene to keep His people safe. God’s Word is final; nothing and no one can change it.
The point I want to make is that God is continually watching over and guarding His people. The people were totally oblivious as to what the enemy was trying to do to them. The enemy was trying to intervene and curse God’s people; trying to remove God’s blessing, but God would not allow it to happen. God’s people were living their lives as they normally do. All this was taking place unbeknownst to any of them.
And so it is with our lives. God is working behind the scene of our lives for our good and benefit.
Thank you God for Your protective hand and Your faithfulness to Your promises. Be blessed and glorified in our lives.

Serious Service *Num. 18

Numbers 18;NIV
The service of the Lord is serious; it is a serious position to serve the Lord. There is no messing around. God has been very specific as of what to do,  how to do it, and required behavior. God also told them point blank what the consequences would be if they didn’t obey. The requirement was set. The choice is theirs to make. Will they choose life and prosperity by obeying God, or will they choose to disobey and die?
We, too, have choices in life. Each decision we make has a consequence, whether it is a good one or bad consequence. The choice is ours to make.
God help us to make wise choices and good decisions in our lives. Thanks You.

Several Times *Num. 16

Numbers 16;NIV
God is not happy with those who rebel against their leaders, especially when God Himself has appointed them over the people. When the people didn’t get their way, they complained, made exaggerated statements of how life was so wonderful and glorious before this leader came into being.
God chose Moses; Moses did not ask for this position of leadership and authority. When the people complained and revolted against Moses they were really complaining and revolting against God.
Several times in their past, God had proven His Sovereignty, His provision, His protection, and His displeasure with rebelling against Moses’ leadership. Even so, the people kept rebelling and grumbling against Moses. They did it between themselves and to Moses’ face. Each time Moses became aware of this, he and Aaron (the high priest) immediately fell prostrate – on their faces in intercession for the people and their sin against God. Not once, not twice, but many times they did this: intercede to the Lord God on behalf of the people. This rebellious people deserved to be severely punished, but Moses and Aaron, filled with mercy, for them cried out each time for God’s mercy and forgiveness. The prayers of a righteous man availeth much as Scripture says. God honored Moses and Aaron’s prayers and relented. Though, for some, the wicked (who wouldn’t turn to God) were destroyed.
The lessons we can take away from this are: don’t rebel and grumble against those whom God has raised up – especially Pastors, Ministers, & Priests; leaders in the church. If you are not happy with what they are doing, do not gossip or complain- Go to God. There is power in prayer. God will reveal what His will and desires are, we just have to ask. If we are not sure of something a leader does and it seems questionable pray about it.
Lord, forgive us when we grumble, complain, and gossip against those whom You have placed in leadership over us. Forgive us our sins, wash us clean, and lead us in the way everlasting. May our words and deeds find favor before You, our Rock, Redeemer, Deliverer.