When It Comes

It’s not how I think it should be
when it comes to serving the Almighty.
There is much to be said
about the soon coming dread,
which will come upon the earth.
New things it will birth,
but I am not ready to know
eventually He will show.

To Test *Judges 2:20-23

God allows situations to happen to see if we will follow Him or go our own way, because we have been disobedient. God uses what is already there to test His people’s faithfulness in times of hardship or trouble.
Let us not grow weary, but be steadfast and hold tight to His Word by putting it into practice.


Lord God give us a heart
That says thank You
For everything You do
Throughout the past
And throughout our days
We give You thanks and praise
May we know our purpose in life
You are the Lord God Almighty
Open our eyes to see
Your ways are far above ours
But you have a good plan
For each woman and man

Future Generations *Judges 2:10

Judges 2:10
This should not have been done. However, we cannot point fingers or lay blame for we do the same. Look at the upcoming generations – it’s all about me; what I want and don’t want; stuff, selfies, etc. We have not taught the younger generations about God. We have gone our own way, sought after what pleases me and not what pleases God. We have not put God first in our lives, and we have not told our children to put God first in their lives. We have failed to keep the feasts and celebrations God commanded His people to keep forever; as a lasting ordinance. We have not told the next generation about what God has done for us in the past. How can they remember if there were not told? We have not made God top priority, so why would they!
It is sad, very sad. The older generation is responsible to teach and reflect on the great and awesome deeds the Lord God has done. Is your country a mess because the leaders have turned away from God?
There is still hope. We can repent; change our actions and put God first in our lives and tell other generations of the righteous acts of God. Most don’t even know God, or who He is, so this is a great starting point. We only get to live one life on earth. Let’s make it count for something that can reap eternal blessings.
Lord God show us where we fall short of remembrance of the great and mighty things You have done. Give us boldness to proclaim who You are, and Your Word to future generations that they might know, and see, and put their trust in You, Lord God. Revive us – sent revival. In Jesus Name.