Help Came

Quickly my help came
When I called Jesus Name
I did not have to go anywhere
My help came right here
It is always the same
When you call Jesus Name
He is mighty and true
Good things He will do
So, help is on its way
Harkin and don’t delay
He hears everything you say
He will help you today

My Plea

To You I did plea
You came and strengthened me
It’s always the same
Doesn’t matter from where I came
He comes to me
My word
He has heard
He’s leading me a new way
I’ll be okay
My feet He does steady
Enabling me to be ready
I will not get struck
In all the muck
Nor will I be stuck in the snow
For I know the way in which to go.
I will walk on dry ground
This is where I’ll be found
His Word I have read
This is my bread
Each and every day
It sets me on my way


All I have to do,
is go to God in prayer.
I place my concern before Him,
I tell Him of my care.
I thank Him for His helping hand,
which allows me to stand.
My thought I make known,
to my God alone.
Praise is on my lips as well,
when I do, I feel swell.
I come to my Lord for help,
I never leave disappointed,
for He has anointed,
me for such a time as this.
I will not miss,
the wonders He has in store,
I trust in Him all the more.
He takes such good care of me,
it certainly makes me,
want to thank Thee Almighty.


Thank you, for today
What shall I do, I pray?
You have set me on my feet
so I am ready to meet
the day at hand.
I will manned
where I am to be
because You’re with me
I feel so calm
Your love is balm
to my spirit and soul
making me whole
Your peace inside
wanting to reside
abundant joy You give
in my heart You do live.
This I pray,
“Show me today
the way I should go
for this is what I want to know.”