Your gracious gentle hand
supports me to stand.
When I am down and feeling blue
Your loving hand pulls me through.
It is Your hand that leads the way
I put my hand in Yours each day.
Your hand keeps me from falling
it also keeps me from hauling
an unnecessary load
on any kind of road.
His hand keeps me from the snare,
but it is not just the physical care.
He showers me from above
with His unending love.
His hand supports me
when I feel queasy.
He takes my fear
when He is near.
His hand, His hand,
is where I am free to stand.


Lord, You are worthy of all praise
to You my voice does raise.
You are righteous and true
in all that You do.

It is in Your command
that empowers me to stand.
You fill me with hope
more than just to cope.

I wish everyone would
understand You are good.
Your ways are just
in You we can trust.

My Stride

Lord, I know You provide
It is You who steadies my stride
You have cleared the way
I am to walk today
The wind does blow
Stable me as I go
No matter what lies ahead
I will trust what You’ve said
My focus will be on You
In everything I do
Whether large or small
I’m trusting for the long haul
I will not be disappointed
For the Lord has anointed
Both of my feet
Not to miss a beat
So in Him I do trust
With one hand God can thrust
The enemy away from me
Opening my eyes so I can see
It truly is fun
Walking with the Son
He takes all fear and what pains
Only His presence remains
There is no place I’d rather be
Than to be walking with God Almighty



You are not just there
You are not just here
You are everywhere

You are aware
Because You care
You hear our prayer

God does follow through
In all He said He would do
You need to know this is true

If you pay attention
And have good retention
You’ll see a new dimension

What is your reflection
On God’s direction
Do you need correction

In You I believe
Yes, Lord I receive
You empower me to achieve

Morning Light

Thank you Lord for the morning light,
which was burning radiant bright.
The coolness of the morning air
surrounded everything out there.
Yet in the early morning sun
the day’s warmth had not begun.
But as the day progressed
the coolness digressed
giving way to the sun’s rays,
which created a bit of haze.
But not for long
for the sun was strong.
The air became dry and hot
the moisture in the air was not,
leaving the most delightful day,
which brings joy along one’s way.