Holy Scripture

May the holy Scripture
remain a fixture
in my heart
and where I’m smart
May They not only be fused
but constantly used
In my brain
may They remain
May this not be temporary
but remain in my memory
Word application
is my supplication
twenty-four, seven
may it be like leaven
growing and growing inside
In It I will abide.


Great God

O Great God in heaven
My Lord, O Sovereign Lord
Great is Your beauty
Compassion and kindness never cease
It is true Your mercy and grace abounds
Never to cease
Your ways are unsearchable
Your ways incomprehensible


Lord, the body please keep
from falling asleep
The legs are in trouble
keep them from rubble
Renew their strength
so they can walk the length
in the way they need to go
may it be with ease and flow
There has been great pain
may they use it for gain
May it not hinder their way
keep them from going astray
May You touch the legs inside
so only in You they will abide


I am above nothing
I am under God’s grace
God made known
It is grace alone
in which I stand
I am in His hand
I sure do stink
when I think
I’m better than others
and I’m above my brothers
Lord, forgive me
I do not clearly see
It is in reality
where I will be free
Before You, Mighty One
It’s not what is done
We’re all the same
in Jesus Name
His blood is our cover
awaken us to discover
that our true place
is strictly through Your grace

The Race

It’s not whether you win or lose
It’s about the choices you chose
It’s about how you play the game
It doesn’t matter about the fame
Only one can win in the race
And it’s only by God’s grace
It’s about our actions
Do they cause infractions
God gives surplus
To those with purpose
It’s not about the end
It’s about how we spend
Our time with each other
We need to support our brother
Despite their gain
No matter our pain
God is in control
Whom we should extol
We need to do what’s right
In our Lord’s sight
You will go against the grain
But in Him, you will remain
Don’t let the locus
Distract your focus
In Him stay steady and true
For He will see you through
Through thick and thin
You will win
No matter your place
In the final race
It’s all about how you run
And what you’ve done
That makes you a winner
And not a sinner
So Lord, steady our pace
And may Your abounding grace
Steady our feet
And keep us from defeat
If You could just
Increase our thrust
And give us the scoop
Keeping us in the hoop
We thank You
For all You do.