The Race

I am in the final race
I need to quicken my pace
I can’t afford to lose
the right way I must choose
it cannot be guesswork at all
because that could make me fall
or it could lead me to a wall
or it could just plain stall
what I need to push through
In order for me to do
what needs to be done
I need a direct line to the Son
I need to know
which way to go
I can go fast
if I’m over my past
So Lord, please come
if there are some
things in the way
please remove them today
and please quicken my pace
for I want to win in this race


Where is my focus
On me or the Lord
Who do I put first
Is it the Lord or myself
The Lord first and I follow
It is the Lord first
It is His kindness
He bestows grace and mercy
To all who seek Him
It is God whom we should praise
Our prospective needs to be set
And not on what we can get
Do words of thanks come from your lips
Does praise and worship guide your hips
A thankful heart is due to the Lord
Guarantee your life won’t be board.
Thanking Him morning, noon, and night
To Him is a delightful sight
He is to be adored
Come now and praise the Lord
You don’t even have to use your wit
Just come out and say it
Thank you Lord for….
Then thank Him for more

More Than Words

Your teaching O God
and Your training
they bring me such comfort
comfort to my bones
Your love is…
I wanted to write extravagant
but I stopped.
I hesitated,
I could not write
for Your love is so much more
more than mere words can express
The same holds true
for who You are.
No one can fathom You
No one can fathom Your greatness
No one can fathom Your beauty
No one can fathom Your love
No one can fathom Your kindness
Your ways, O God, are so high
we are foolish in our words
and You smile upon us
But it is who You are
Great is Your kindness
Great is Your mercy and grace
they go ever before us
Lord, we need to know our place
we truly do
If we did
we would continually exalt You
You would be held in the highest esteem
our complete being would bow down,
down before You
Before You we would prostrate
and lift Your Name on high

His Call

When you hear His call
you need not worry at all.
He will clear the way
we need to go to Him and say,
“Make my way straight.”
Do not hesitate
to ask Him for more
God will enable us to score.
We need to keep ourselves clean
Our lives will be seen
by many young and old
our stories will be told.
We will have a surplus
for our God-given purpose.
It is only by His hand
that we are able to stand.

He Hears

Blessed be His name
all glory, honor, and fame
to the Lord who has heard
my each and every word.
The Lord does hear
and wipes my every tear.
The Lord is not just there
showing us His care.
He is also right here
so we need not fear.
We can just relax
He will remove the stacks
of obstruction.
His construction
will bring life to our bones.
He also can remove the moans.
All this we must trust
for God is righteous and just.


There is so much aggression
stench is in the transgression.
Because of the sins of Israel
the glory of the Lord fell
away from them.
From where did this stem?
They turned away
not giving God the time of day.
The Christian church is the same
they dishonor God’s holy name.
The glory of the Lord does glisten
however they do not listen.
One is no better than the other
for church is Israel’s brother.
They are one in the same
from Lord they came.
So it all comes down to,
what did we all do?
It is the ultimate worst
we did not put God first.
You’ll see if you are a good learner
He’s been placed on the back burner.
From our enemies we’ll take the brunt
for our God is not in front
so now we do lack.
We’ve pushed Him to the back
for all to see
His mighty glory.
God, we need not blame.
In Him, we did not remain.
Troubles came upon us
then we began to fuss.
Damage was done
but our enemy has not won.
The Lord, in His grace
will save our face.
He will pick us up
with Him we’ll sup.
He will renew our spirit.
His Word, we will hear it.
God we will obey
each and every day.
(based on Micah 1:1-5)