O God Most High
You heard my cry
You sent a reply
On You I rely
You did not deny
You drew me nigh
Thank you Adonai



Father, You are so kind,
You are always on my mind.
You remove despair,
because You care.
You take away doubt,
so faith can sprout.
You restore hope
to help us cope.
Your kindness is astounding
it’s constantly resounding
in our lives,
which is no surprise.
It is only You
who is faithful and true.

Which Way

Lord, in order to know
which way I should go,
may you release
Your peace.
You will guide
open the door wide.
If this is not the place to go,
make it clear and let me know.
May I feel uneasy,
which will make me queasy
if there is an infusion
in me of confusion.
Then I will definitely know
this is not where I am to go.
So, now I await.
This is not random fate.
God is in control.
It is Him I extol.
He will show me
exactly what I need to see.
So now I say, “Thank you
for everything You will do.”