I am not some minor peon.
I am a victorious champion.
My mind is alert and clear.
My ears are ready to hear.
The past no longer has a hold
For I have broken out of the mold.
A new, good way is straight ahead,
One that I won’t fear or dread.
I will hold steady
While God’s getting me ready
His comfort I have found
Because His love does abound.
I have awakened to the Light
Now I request it burn bright.
No matter the situation or event
Whether lots of energy or spent
During the day or during the night
I will obey and do what’s right.

Heaven Bound

When we have fumbled
and go to Him humbled
He hears our prayer
and our every care.
He answers our voice
then we can rejoice
for we are made whole
God’s lifted our soul.
No longer do we mourn
or look forlorn
We have no defeat
standing on our feet.
With the Lord as our guide
we will not be fried.
We are heaven bound
and that’s a good sound

Troubled Heart

I came to God with trouble in my heart
As usual, He gave me a brand new start
Him I did implore
Now I can go through the door
I am no longer stuck
In the yucky muck
My needs have been met
Only He can set
Me free from whatever ails
His love and care never fails
What a gracious God we serve
He always gives us the nerve
To do what needs to be done
We can do it in the Name of the Son
I will not hesitate
to say, “God is great!”


Thank you Lord
When I’m sad or blue
I can come to You
When I feel there’s a block
I can just come and talk
I can tell You what’s bothering me
as far as I can tell and see
I don’t need to focus on my flaws
You are more concerned about the cause
You look much deeper within
You see us and grin
You are the One who gives rest
From the one who is more than a pest
Thank you Lord again for this day
You’re the One empowering me on my way


Sometimes when we don’t know why
the unknown makes us want to cry.
It sure tries to offend
when we don’t comprehend.
We just need to be real
and bring to God our appeal.
We don’t need a fleece
in order to find His peace.
Just tell the Lord how you feel
and He will easily deal
with the situation.
There will be no complication
so you won’t need your wit
just trust Him through it.

Grief Relief

If you have grief
it can be brief
there is One who brings relief.
If grief you don’t mask
go to Him and ask.
It’s not a hard task
for Him to take grief away
just go to Him today.
Don‘t hesitate to say
how you feel
for the pain is real.
He wants to heal
what’s inside of you
to help you get through
all you have to do.
Just believe
you will receive
peace you will conceive.