About Today

There is something to say
about what’s going on today
Do not fret
better yet
peace get
If you have peace within
That will enable you to win
against all useless fear
to worry close your ear
The Lord will give His peace
Ask and He will release
You will have more than you need
If the Bible you read
You will get your feed
And be able to proceed
without a worry or doubt
They will not be found about
So go to the Lord today
Tell Him all you have to say
He will hear your voice
to this you should rejoice
The Lord will help you
with whatever you need to do


Give Praise

Oh Lord,
to you I give praise.
I thank You,
for all You’ve done.
Thank you for giving ear,
to all my pleas.
Your mighty hand,
stretches forth.
You, because of Your mercy,
stretched forth Your hand,
to heal the sick,
lift the weak,
and break the cords,
that are so binding.
To You,
be honor.
To You,
be praise.
You are a Mighty God,
slow to anger,
abounding in mercy
and grace.
I thank You,
O Great God.

High Above

I want to write a poem to You
That is exactly what I will do
I thank You for such insight
I could praise You morning, noon, night
You clear my way each day
Protecting and providing along the way
Only You can provide for each need
So I can be victorious and succeed
Your ways are high above ours
Yours alone are the highest powers
Your hand is so awesomely grand
You give insight so we can understand
If men and women only knew
With You a relationship they’d pursue
You alone are God Most High
You alone are Adonai
You are Thee great God in heaven
Who brings salvation and removes leaven
What a marvelous God You are
You shine brighter than every star

Corona virus prayer

pray daily at 7:00pm (together our prayers rise like incense before our Mighty God)
This is why is prayer so important: Num. 16:46-50 (please read)
Also, isn’t it interesting that Passover is only a couple of weeks away and that we have a worldwide plague. Interesting, right now a plague before Passover.
What to do?
1.Draw near to God
2.Examine your heart
4.Plead for God’s mercy
5.Intercede for your country and others
If you need prayer points here are some:
*Lord, have mercy on Your people
*pray for your town, state, federal leaders
*give wisdom & knowledge to town, state, national leaders to make wise decisions and good choices for the good of Your Kingdom, God and this nation
*protect us, our families physically, spiritually, and emotionally
*grant our families good health and stay healthy.
* persevere in this time of trial and testing with a good attitude and helping out where we can
*God’s people would not fear, but put their trust in God no matter what happens
*people would seek God, repent, and turn whole heartedly to God, and develop a relationship with Him that lasts
*open doors of opportunity for Christians to witness to others
*Lord, help us to obey the laws that govern us whether we like them or not
*protect Your people especially the elderly and compromised health issues
*that we would use our time to get priorities straight and put God first
*strengthen and give boldness to church leaders to speak out the truth –
the full Gospel. Fill them with the Holy Spirit.
*soften and break hardened hearts that they would turn to You Lord
*keep children, elderly, those with health issues from fear and worry about the C-virus and all that it entails
*help us, Your people, to use our time wisely and not waste it
*remove all the hype and false news and give Your people discernment to make wise choices and good decisions
*provide us with good food and water
*keep people from hording and wasting water, food and products
*Keep our town, state, national leaders from extreme and unnecessary measures
*God’s will be done!
*people would get the medical care (non-Corona) and treatment that they need
*prepare your people; that we would be a prepared people physically & spiritually
*we would endure with a good attitude whatever lies ahead with eyes on You, patience, faith, trust, & hope in You, Lord


I didn’t mean to run away.
I just felt I couldn’t stay.
For me it was so hard,
not knowing what was marred.
I walked around,
feeling so bound.
I was in a groove,
and just couldn’t move.
I was in a hole,
and it took its toll.
I did get quite a whack,
from an awful attack.
I need to watch my back,
for I don’t want another smack.
Lord, help me to be on guard,
so I won’t get jarred.
I really need you Lord,
because I cannot afford,
to be out of commission.
Bring me under Your submission.
I want to do Your will.
This I want to fulfill.

This Day

I am so glad I did not fret,
this day I do not regret.
This day was one of rest,
it was one of the best.
I wish I could play a chord,
to thank my wonderful Lord.
I let my mind roam,
to write this short poem.
I reflect over this day,
to my great Lord I do pray,
with a thankful heart,
right from the very start.
I now come to a close,
I am not filled with woes.
I certainly must say,
this has been a great day!