God does deploy
in me abundant joy.
No matter the situation
the God of Creation
is always found
to be around.
He knows what can and cannot be done,
for the battle has already been won.
Why do I always say,
“Go to Him and pray.”?
For in Him it’s a must,
in Him we must trust.
Even if I don’t know
the way I need to go,
God will lead,
I don’t need to plead.
I can just rest,
for He is the best!
He knows the way
to go each day.
He sets my feet
(He is so neat)
upon the right path,
because He hath
poured out His love,
which is softer than a dove.



So Grand

You are so grand,
mighty is Your hand.
Through thick and thin,
You empower me to win.
Even though….
Even so….
God is in control,
whatever your role.
Don’t worry about the chatter,
it does not matter.
The enemy God will destroy,
filling us with abundant joy.


The mouth has now spoken
this is a small token
of what God wants to say
to each of us this day.
To be quiet before the Lord
and be in one accord
is pleasing to Him;
yes, He will grin.
Great is His love
which shines from above.
He wants to fill
you with good will.
Come to Him and seek
to you He will speak.
If Him you heed,
He’ll give you your need.
It is only by Your grace
that we can seek Your face.
Your mercy is real
when to You we appeal.
Teach us how to worship
Your most holy Lordship.
Let us all raise
to You songs of praise.


Oh Great God in heaven
Remove all the leaven
You’re Creator of everything
To You my heart will sing
Peace and joy You bring
You’re aware of every little thing
Thank you for Your kind hand
Everything bows to Your command
You are ever so grand
Ruler and Master of the land
Lord God Almighty
Come set Your people free