My Path

To the Lord who is dear
Today draw me near
Remove worry and fear
And every single tear
Lord, open up my ear
So Your voice I may hear
Thank you for my path is clear



Oh God, hear my cry
It is on You I rely
Listen to my prayer
I know that You care
I call out to You
You are the only One who
Can lead me to the Rock
(I am part of the flock)
The Rock is higher than I
I call to You Adonai
You have been my refuge
Your protection is huge
A strong tower against my foe
Safety is in You, this I know
I long to dwell with You forever
Be apart from You never
There is shelter under Your wings
Peace and safety it brings
My vows You have heard
And listened to my every word
I will forever fear Your Name
And give You glory, honor, fame

My Prayer

Lord, in You I need to abide
Remove every ounce of pride
In me, do not let it reside
Neither do I want it to hide
It’s power must be denied
I need Your help for I’ve tried
Many a nights I have cried
I need humility on my side
Today, this is what I decide
I say to you unwanted pride
Your ways I have now denied
All you have done is lied
Your ways in me now fried
In me they cannot reside
For I will not let them abide
I have a humble spirit inside


Ah Sovereign Lord
You are above all
Through all
In all
It is You I call
You are my all
In all
My foes plans’ stall
You remove each wall
Break every chain
Break every chain
Break every chain
So none remain
Remove every pain
Only You sustain
Remove every stain
Break every chain
Break every chain
Break every chain
Let none remain
Your Word sustain
Your people contain
Faith and hope obtain
My foe no longer draining
Keep me from complaining
Now trust in You remaining
Faith and hope containing
Understanding gaining
Wisdom maintaining
Your power sustaining