Aren’t What They Seem *1 Sam. 26

1 Samuel 26;NIV
David could’ve killed King Saul and all his problems would’ve been eliminated, but he chose to endure hardship and not harm the Lord’s anointed. David had to leave his homeland and live amongst the enemy. God allowed this because God had a higher purpose for David’s life. God had planned it. Sometimes God allows things in our lives and we will never know why until we meet Him face to face. What the enemy deems for harm, God will overpower it with good. A higher purpose; a higher calling, a higher level of commitment to God’s Word is necessary.
Lord, God of Israel, keep us from avenging our foes. Go before us and clear our way; as Your Word says in the Bible, “Vengeance is Mine,” says the Lord.


His Hand

(Psalm 138:7)  paraphrase
Though I walk in the midst of trouble
Trials, tribulation and rubble
The Lord preserves my life
Keeping me from all the strife
He is the Creator and Ruler of the land
The Lord God stretched forth His hand
Against the anger of my foes
That’s how His faithfulness goes
By His right hand He saved me
All thanks and praise to God Almighty

Avenge *1 Sam. 24:12-13

1 Samuel 24:12-13;NIV
From evil doers come evil deeds, so my hand will not touch you. If I act the same way as someone who harms another person I am no better than they are. I need to rise above it and trust God when He says, “Vengeance is Mine.”
vs. 12 “The Lord judge between you and me, and the Lord avenge the wrongs you have done to me.” The Lord will send someone into your life to keep you from making a grave mistake by avenging yourself. God is righteous in all He does and will not let the guilty go unpunished.
Lord, God of Israel, go before me and avenge my enemies. Keep my hands clean as I wait upon you to bring justice in my life. Fill me with hope and trust in You that You will make amends where I have been wronged by those who seek to harm me and rake havoc in my life. Thank You God! In Jesus Name. Amen

New Land

New Land
(Deut. 5:15)  paraphrased

To remember is good
This we all should
When slaves in Egypt
Our lives were gypped
But God brought us out
Slavery no longer about
With His mighty hand
Brought us to a new land
With His outstretched arm
Protected from all alarm
What’s more
The Lord your God
Due all glory and laud
Commands you
To follow through
Observe the Sabbath day
Honor God, begin today
One day in seven
A gift from Heaven
The Lord says remember
To each and every member

Absolutely Free

Remember what God has done
Through Messiah Jesus; His Son
Salvation is absolutely free
It’s for the taking; for you and me
He wants the whole world to know
There is only one way to go
Jesus came to show us the way
To remove death, darkness, decay
Do not forget from where you came
Remember there’s power in Jesus’ Name
Once a slave to sin
Now freedom dwells within

Loyalty *1 Sam. 19

1 Samuel 19;NIV
Loyalty can save someone’s life. Deception is death. Loyalty is life.
Be a good friend today.
Be loyal to what you say
and loyal in what you do.
It will go well with you
and bless others too.
With all else be through.
On this chew.
Loyalty is what to do
Be this way
Be loyal every day