Shining Star

Lord, You are
You are my Star
My bright shining Star
You are with me in my car
You are my protector when I spar
You are the One to bar,
anything that will mar
You are the One to take me far
You are the One to raise my par


Great God

O Great God in Heaven
remove all the leaven
that grows within
causing me to sin.
I do not have to walk around
always feeling bound.
I am clean.
I can lean
on the truth of God’s Word.
It really is absurd
to always be down
wearing a frown.
I have been made clean
I should feel serene.
This is the frame of mind
on which I have not dined.
I need to eat hearty
so I am not tardy
to do God’s will,
then I can fulfill
my purpose in life.
May Your sharp knife
cut totally away
what leads me astray.
In order to win
I have to get off sin;
thinking I’m so bad
which makes me sad.
My time is spent
looking to repent.
My problem is
my eyes are not on His
truth, which I need to trust.
I know my Lord is just.
He always forgives me
and has set me free.
No longer will I moan
for Jesus did atone
for every single sin
which enables me to win.

The Word

The word
that is heard
must be said with care
to avoid causing despair.
Sometimes what we think
could be on the brink
of causing commotion
for we have the wrong notion.
When we deal
with how people feel,
putting ourselves first
would be the worst.
It’s best to state the facts
and not how one acts
or how it effects us,
is seen as a plus.

Let Go

All that is required
all that is needed
is to let go
let go completely
of how we think
things should be
when we do
there is such freedom
a freedom within
no one can take
this place is secure.
It is good
it is right
it is just
if we understood
our lives would
be a light
shining bright
if need be, adjust
in God, do trust
it’s plain and simple
where should our focus be
certainly, only
on God Almighty


When there is pain
there is often gain.
When there is hurt
energy does exert.
When times are difficult
there can be a good result.
When times are tough
it smoothens what’s rough.
When going through a trial
it’s usually a while
which can seem like a mile,
later producing a smile.
It’s only a test
later we can rest.
When we have to fend
there is always an end.
We can rest assure
heaven is a pleasure.