Next of Kin

About discipline
it’s not next of kin.
It has to dwell within.
It deals with oneself
shouldn’t be stored on a shelf.
It’s not like an elf,
which is not real.
It’s not how you feel.
Heed this appeal.
Discipline is the way to go
this we should know,
because it does show
such good juicy fruit.
This is our loot,
which makes me want to hoot.


Joy is my sound
which I resound.
We all have a different note
but we shouldn’t gloat
because it takes more than one
to get the job done.
Together we sing
together we bring
a beautiful tune
that will soon
fill the air above
to the One we love.
We’re instruments in His hand
together we will stand.
How can we go wrong
singing His wonderful song.


When one does complain
it is such a drain
it sure does strain
those who hear
and those who are near
because it does tear
and abuse
making everyone lose
while ugliness does cruise.
Friendships are effected
truth is rejected
and none suspected.
It sure does complicate
those who hesitate
and want to meditate
on what life is truly about
where joy and peace sprout
kicking all complaining out.
So come and see
just how free
you can truly be
if you watch over your word
which is always heard
it will help and gird
you from going astray
each and every day
This is the right way.
You will be on the right path
now you’ve avoided God’s wrath
and peace will be hath
There won’t be any aftermath.