Plain & Simple

O God, plain and simple we need You
We just plain need You
Nothing else will do
You are the One who
You created the lands
Hold all in Your hands
Gave us Your commands
Nothing else stands
As we seek Your face
Meet us in this place
Our sins come erase
Cover us with grace
Attend to our call
Remove every wall
Standing erect and tall
O God, help us all
You are more than aware
Tend to each prayer
We know that You care
Keep us from despair



Call on the Name
Call on the Name of the Lord
All powerful in might
Call on the Name, Jesus
And you will be saved
Saved from death and darkness
Saved from evil and sin
Call on the Name Jesus
And He will rescue you
From peril and from
The clutch of evil
Death cannot touch Him
Darkness has to flee
Peril’s hand has to release
The enemy has to yield
To God Most High
The Mighty One
Who is, who was, and will
Will always be
The One who will come
He will come for His own
In power; in might
It will be an awesome sight
For those who know
With Him they shall go
So put your trust in the One
The One who again will come
The One with the only powerful Name
Due all glory, power, and fame
Yes, His mighty, glorious Name
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

Cleanse Us

Lord, come and take our sinful ways away
Come Lord and cleanse Your church today
Set us free from the power of sin
Come and cleanse us deep within
May the church bring to You a true repentance
On You, Lord, the churches’ full dependence
That the church would put all foolishness aside
In You, Lord the church would fully abide
As for the church, Lord, You would always be first
Only You, Lord, can fill the hunger and the thirst
Remove what causes the church to stumble
Help each member to submit and be humble
Lord hear our voice, it’s on You we call
Remove our sin, cleanse, and restore us all
To the Mighty One who sits on the Throne
Our hope and faith are in You alone

As We Walk

Lord, we come to You in one voice
Our hearts are thankful and rejoice
You have given each one a prayer
We are here because we care
Lord, we can come and pray to You
But what do You want us to do
Keep confusion from setting in
Keep Your people clean from sin
Help us to choose what is right
To do what is right in Your sight
Keep us from giving into fear
Open our ears, Your voice to hear
There is always peace inside
When in You, Lord, we abide
You are so gracious and kind
In You reality we find
Lord, come and take us by the hand
Help us to walk, in Your Word stand
May we obey Your every command
As we walk with You throughout the land


Sing high, sing low
No matter where you go
Whether at home or in the park
During the day or when it’s dark
Driving or sitting in your car
You can sing no matter where you are
Doesn’t matter if people mock
You can sing while on a walk
So, no matter where you go
Try singing high or low

A Lot to Say

Lord, thank you for this day
There is a lot to say
We come to You today
Come Lord, we pray
Help us to be kind to father & mother
To love every sister and brother
To be compassionate to each other
To put self last, behind another
As we seek Your face
Right now in this place
All our sins erase
Fill us with Your grace
On You we can lean
Keep us from being mean
Come, wash each heart clean
So evidence will be seen
The children help us teach
Their mind and heart reach
Wanting to hear what we preach
Wisdom and love we beseech
Lord, on this October 21st
The enemy’s power burst
In Your people create a thirst
To always put you first
Come Holy Spirit take control
You holy Name we extol
Return to us what was stole
Come Lord make us whole