The beauty
of His glory
can plainly
be seen.
The essence
of His presence
from above.


Come Now

Come now
let us bow
to the One above
in whom we love.
He is our Maker, our King
praises to Him we sing.
He is righteous and true
and He loves you.
He is not like the rest
God is ultimate best.
Yes, it is the Lord God
to whom we should applaud.
He is always there
graciously taking care
of all that we need
He hears every plead.
God is so good
we always should
keep in our mind
that God is so kind.


Here is the fruit of the Spirit,
would you like to hear it?
The first one is love,
a love that comes from above.
The second one is joy,
which will continually deploy.
The third fruit will release,
a contentment of peace.
If you want to score,
patience is fruit number four.
With fruit number five you’ll find,
this fruit is when you are kind.
Fruit six, know we should,
this fruit is to be good.
Faithfulness is fruit number seven,
place your faith in the God of heaven.
Gentleness is fruit number eight,
sensitivity it does initiate.
Self-control is number nine,
it’s better than having wine.
I hope everyone of you saw,
against these there is no law.
The fruit of the Spirit empowers,
us to stand as strong towers.


I can’t find the words to say,
to my gracious God today.
Nothing seems to do
to explain who
God is.
Power is His.
He is mighty,
don’t you see!
He is more than grand,
for He made the land.
His inexhaustible power
is higher than a man-made tower.
Not one earthly word
can ever be heard
to fully describe the Mighty One
and all He has done.
There is such pleasure
in His grandeur.
This too, no one can describe
not even the best Scribe.
He is just to great or should I say grand
Come now, let us follow His command.
And thank Him for what He’s done
We have salvation through His Son.


If you never took
a lengthy look
up at the sky
you should try.
It’s quite easy to realize
each cloud’s a different size.
Each one has a different shape,
some clouds even drape
over one another
because they’re close to each other.
Some are large and some are small,
just look at them all.
Some are puffy and some are flat,
they seem to appear just like that.
They are beautiful to look at,
once I could see a cat.
So the next time you’re out
why not look about
direct your eye
way up high.
The God of creation
makes the cloud formation.
Their beauty does not escape,
it’s seen in every shape.


God does deploy
in me abundant joy.
No matter the situation
the God of Creation
is always found
to be around.
He knows what can and cannot be done,
for the battle has already been won.
Why do I always say,
“Go to Him and pray.”?
For in Him it’s a must,
in Him we must trust.
Even if I don’t know
the way I need to go,
God will lead,
I don’t need to plead.
I can just rest,
for He is the best!
He knows the way
to go each day.
He sets my feet
(He is so neat)
upon the right path,
because He hath
poured out His love,
which is softer than a dove.