Are you ripe
to begin to gripe?
Stop where you are
you won’t get far.
No one wants to be around
where complaining is found.
Complaining needs to end
use your words to mend.


God Only Knows

Only God knows
how life goes.
It is for all
that He does call.
If you follow Him
without a whim
He will set your feet
upon the right street.
Obedience is sweet
for you will meet
your Maker
who’s your Caretaker.
You will avoid God’s wrath
for your feet are on the right path.
If you walk around with smiles
it could save unwanted miles.
Don’t forget to learn of His Sword
plus worship and pray to the Lord.
This to Him will be pleasing
and will keep you from freezing.


You are on a downward spiral
if focusing on the temporal.
In order to avoid the infernal
focus only on the eternal.
This would release
an unending peace.
It would bring joy to your heart
also you would feel quite smart.
No more a devastating fate
if on the Lord you wait.
In Him you can rejoice
So, turn now with your voice.