No Longer in Defeat *Joshua 8

Joshua 8;NIV
When sin is dealt with, it sets the people free to be in right standing with the Lord God. No longer in defeat because of sin, Joshua was now able to continue the pursuit. A very important lesson was learned (in Joshua 7) that when God speaks He means what He says and there are grave consequences for defying Him, which effects the whole community.
Because the sin was dealt with, Israel was now in position for victory. The Lord God gave them the strategy against their enemy. They followed the directive and victory was their gain.
Lord God of Israel, Your way is good, right and just – the only way to gain success and victory. Help us to obey Your Word, follow You closely, and do exactly what is required. Make us strong against temptation to sin. May the words of our mouth and meditation of our hearts find favor before You, O Lord, our Rock and Redeemer, Saviour, and King. King above all kings and Lord above all lords. The Name above all other names – Yeshua; Jesus Messiah.



Just wanted to note
We are in Sukkot
It is a time to remember
For each and every member
Not to be proud and grumble
But to trust God and be humble
We should have an attitude
That is one of great gratitude
During these remaining days
Remember God’s goodness & ways
His provisions and protection
Leading and guiding our direction
Take extra time to thank and praise
Do it daily, your voice do raise
Remember His great love for you
His faithfulness and mercy too