Call on the Name
Call on the Name of the Lord
All powerful in might
Call on the Name, Jesus
And you will be saved
Saved from death and darkness
Saved from evil and sin
Call on the Name Jesus
And He will rescue you
From peril and from
The clutch of evil
Death cannot touch Him
Darkness has to flee
Peril’s hand has to release
The enemy has to yield
To God Most High
The Mighty One
Who is, who was, and will
Will always be
The One who will come
He will come for His own
In power; in might
It will be an awesome sight
For those who know
With Him they shall go
So put your trust in the One
The One who again will come
The One with the only powerful Name
Due all glory, power, and fame
Yes, His mighty, glorious Name
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus