Sin is Serious *Joshua 7

Joshua 7;NIV
When God tells us what to do and what not to do, we had better listen. Sin is a serious offense. Sin by one man caused many men their lives. Sin is infectious and contaminates everyone around it. To purposely disobey a direct order given by God, was not only death to the man himself, but death to his whole family as well. This one man’s sin not only harmed himself, his family, but many innocent lives in the whole community.
Lord, help us to be aware of our actions and the choices we make. Open our eyes to see the consequences of each decision we make. Help us to make good choices and wise decisions. Keep us from going astray. May the choices we make not only benefit our lives, but the lives of our family and community. Thank you God for helping us whenever we come to You. Be blessed, glorified, and honored in our lives. In Jesus Name.

The Meaning

Finding the meaning of life
Through toils and strife
What is life’s impact?
Is it just to stay intact?
I really don’t think so
There is so much more to know
No matter what was done
There can be freedom in the Son