Temptations *Matt. 4:1-17

Jesus fasted 40 days and nights and was hungry. The devil came and said, “If…..then….” Jesus did not need to prove anything to the devil. The weapon Jesus used to defeat the devil – every time – was the Word of God. Each temptation started with “If….then….” statement.
3 Major Temptations:  * The first temptation was not really about food. It was about misusing God’s power for personal gain. *The second temptation was careless living – it doesn’t matter what I do in life because God will protect me. *The third temptation was wealth & riches – putting them above God.
The second temptation: The devil again began with an “If you are the Son of God…” “If” is presented as a dare – you have to prove what you say, otherwise if you don’t prove it (doing what someone else wants) then you are not who you say you are. Jesus, nor we have to prove anything to anyone else especially if we have to go against God’s Word.
The devil is the master deceiver, liar, cheat, and stealer. Holding onto God’s Word is the only way to ward him off. He has to bow before the Word of God (and the powerful Name of Jesus Christ). It renders Satan powerless. But he’ll come back again trying to tempt you in a different area. Temptation looks beautiful, extremely pleasing to the eyes, but is deceiving and it is not what it appears to be.
The last recorded temptation at this time was to gain wealth and riches. Again, Jesus used the Word of God to fight against the devil. As soon as he did the devil left and angels came and attended to him.
This is important to note – that when we stand against temptations in our lives the devil will leave and God’s angels are sent to minister to us.
Father, You are the one and only God. All things must bow before You. Thank you that we can call upon the powerful Name of Jesus- using the Holy Scriptures, hence the enemy has to flee. Thank you for the gift of Your most holy precious Word. Your Word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. Teach Your people how to use Your Word for Your kingdom purposes and to ward off attacks from Satan and his cohorts. Open our eyes to see the deception in those things that tempt us, so that we can really see the temptation for what it truly is. Teach us, Lord, how to use Your Word, so that we may be effective and bring glory to Your most Holy Name. Thank You O Most High God!
2 Cor. 10:2-5


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