Ensuring Victory *Joshua 15-19

Joshua 15-19
Even though the enemy is powerful, larger in quantity, larger in height and stature, had better weapons and chariots they were defeated because God – the only true God – was with the Israelites. God went before His people ensuring the victory.
We, who are God’s children, will gain victory over adverse situations and events if we follow His leading. God is a gracious God, who wants His people to succeed successfully. As Scripture says, in the New Testament, Jesus came to seek and save the lost. Just call on His Name and you will be saved – not might be saved, not probably will be saved, but He will save your life. Yes, our God is gracious, kind, loving, and always victorious.
Lord, God of Israel help us to keep our eyes on You as you lead us through the storms and hardships in life. Go before us and clear our way, so that we can stand victorious giving You all the honor, glory, and fame due Your Name.


Your Aim

Hallelujah; praise the Lord
Come now, praise Him in one accord
Give to the Lord what is due
Thanks and honor coming from you
He is so great
Do not hesitate
Open your mouth and proclaim
Let thanks & praise be your aim