I just wanted to note
Today is Sukkot
It’s the feast of Tabernacles
Let all that talks and crackles
Lift up their voice
It is a time to rejoice
In what the Mighty One
He has graciously done
He is continually faithful
Let’s show we are grateful
For the next 8 days
Lift up to Him praise
It is a time to enjoy
What God does employ
He has given us so much
His hand our lives touch
What a great God we serve
Praise & honor He does deserve
Do this we should
Focus on what is good
Thank Him for your life
Don’t focus on strife
Thank the God of Creation
For the gift of salvation
Life is so much more
Than wanting “things” galore
The things you cannot buy
Only come from Adonai (LORD)
So take some time each day
Let’s do it starting today
This 5th day in October begin
He will give you joy within

Even if…

When the enemy comes in
Trying to take over and win
He pushes real hard
Trying to make the way barred
Even if we stumble and fall
On the Mighty One we can call
Help is then on its way
Everything will be okay
Even if we cannot see
We can trust in the Almighty
He will see us through
His Word is righteous and true
When we do not understand
And the way looks worse than bland
God is in control, just hang on
The Name of Jesus call upon