Trust is a Must *Num. 11:1-3

Numbers 11:1-3;NIV
This passage of Scripture is rarely talked about. I can’t ever remember hearing a sermon about this. Three times the Hebrews grumbled in the desert about food and water. But this is different. The Lord just finished giving exact instructions on the what, how, and who; what to do, how to do it, and who would do it. Each person, each tribe had a responsibility, and they all had to work together for the good of the whole community. They were headed to the Promised Land; filled with milk and honey. A rich, wondrous land God was leading them too, but they were consumed with the here and now. Not looking ahead at God’s promises and not remembering how God miraculously provided for their every need. They just broke camp and were only three days into their journey when they began to grumble and complain again. How displeasing this is to the Lord.
After all the blessings that the Lord had poured out upon His people, the people complained again. This time it was about the hardship of moving. The Lord heard and was angry with this unappreciative lot and sent a fire “consuming the outskirts of the camp.”
A little yeast affects the whole dough.
We are to have grateful, thankful hearts and acknowledge God’s faithfulness. If He calls us to do something then there is a very good reason for it. We might not see the benefits of it right away, but if we follow and trust Him, we will be blessed beyond measure.
God is good and greatly should be praised.

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