Above All *Num. 22

Numbers 22

God is above all. God’s protective hand is on His people keeping them safe, and they are totally unaware of it. A ruler wants a curse placed on them, but God says, “No! They are a blessed people. What I bless no man can curse.” Even when God’s Word is ignored and man continues on his way God will intervene to keep His people safe. God’s Word is final; nothing and no one can change it.
The point I want to make is that God is continually watching over and guarding His people. The people were totally oblivious as to what the enemy was trying to do to them. The enemy was trying to intervene and curse God’s people; trying to remove God’s blessing, but God would not allow it to happen. God’s people were living their lives as they normally do. All this was taking place unbeknownst to any of them.
And so it is with our lives. God is working behind the scene of our lives for our good and benefit.
Thank you God for Your protective hand and Your faithfulness to Your promises. Be blessed and glorified in our lives.


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