The Miraculous * Num. 11:21-23, 31

Numbers 11:21-23, 31;NIV;NIV
Only God can do the miraculous. When there is absolutely no way possible that’s when God moves; that’s when God displays His glory. God waits until there is absolutely no way for a task to be accomplished by human hands. This way only He gets the credit. No one and nothing else is even remotely close. One main reason why God allows this to happen is that He wants His people to know who He is, that He loves them, and wants to develop a relationship with them.
The next time something happens in your life and there is absolutely no way it can be remedied seek God with all your heart. Wait on Him, stand back and watch Him move – intervene in the situation. When God moves/ intervenes in a hopeless looking situation the results are breathtaking. God does not do “just enough”. What God does is extravagant.
The people were hungry and wanted meat. God gave them an over abundance. Scripture says the meat (quail) was “about three feet above the ground as far as a day’s walk in any direction.” Wow! How is that for extravagance!


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