How Many Times * Num. 14 – 17:1-11

Numbers 14-17:1-11;NIV
Isn’t it enough! How many times did the people grumble against Moses (God’s leadership). Not just one too many! God did the supernatural through Moses over and over, but the people still lashed out at Moses; blaming him for what was  happening. The people failed to see that each time they rebelled and blamed Moses for their hardship, it was their words and their actions against God that caused havoc and death. The people were stiff-necked and would not take responsibility for their own sinful, prideful, jealous, envious, arrogant behavior. Devastation was the result of their sinful rejection of God’s words and His leadership.
This happened not once, not twice, not even three times, but ten times! It happened too many times and they just did not seem to learn their lesson.
How did Moses, a man of God, respond to their threats, and grumbling and complaining? They are suppose to be on the same side; not in opposition to each other. Moses fell on his face before God each time in prayer on behalf of God’s people, because of their words and sinful behavior.  Moses did this every time.
We are no different from these people. We grumble and complain about the leadership in the church. If we don’t like it we leave and go to a different church. We grumble and complain about the leadership in our towns and states. We grumble and complain against the president. We grumble and complain about our spouses, our children, our bosses, and our co-workers. The list goes on and on. Like Moses, we should fall on our faces before Almighty God and pray for forgiveness and ask God to intervene in the situation.
Father, forgive us for all the complaining and grumbling we do against those You have raised up in positions of leadership and authority. Forgive us for complaining and grumbling when we do not get our own way, or when someone does something we do not like. Remind us to fall on our knees before You and pray for the person, people, or situation. Help us Lord to be more like Jesus, who said to love others as we love ourselves. Thank you God. Amen

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