I took a look,
I saw a crook.
He was trying to manipulate,
those who did congregate,
to worship the Lord,
in one accord.
I saw this crook,
had a sharp hook.
During this late hour,
he was misusing his power
to keep those under feet,
who call for his defeat.
He tarnished God’s Name,
which destroyed his fame.
Another has taken his place,
and is standing in that same space.
The crook is no longer there,
causing God’s people despair.
God will not allow
anyone to bow,
to anyone but Him,
or it will be grim;
for anyone who does,
they are now was.
They no longer are,
for they have gone far,
from God’s Throne,
and there they moan.
It’s an awful sight,
what an awful plight.
To be removed,
instead of reproved,
God have mercy on us all,
for we could be the ones to fall.
Secure our feet,
keep us from defeat.