Christmas Hustle

Christmas should be
the time of year,
When people are filled
with lots of cheer.
Being so busy,
hustle and bustle about,
Hoping what we want
will not run out.
The pace is quickened.
There’s so much to do.
Wanting to buy
only gifts for a few.
Then all of a sudden,
the time has drawn near.
It is almost that time,
and we say, “Oh dear”!
What has just happened,
what has gone wrong?
It is almost here,
and I haven’t a song.
Then I looked out my window,
to my amazement I saw,
the snow coming down.
It looked so cold and raw.
But wait!
What could this be?
It is my friends,
coming to visit me.
I opened the door,
and invited them in.
I could hardly wait,
for the talk to begin.
“We have been hearing,
that you are sad and blue.
There is so little time left,
and there’s so much to do.
We came over to see you,
because you needed to hear
‘This is a joyous time,
so why do you fear?
Put your trust in the Lord,
He will give you a song.
Why not do this?
How can you go wrong?
His peace He will give you,
you only need to ask.
Why not do it now?
This is not a hard task!’ ”
I sat there and thought,
Oh, now what have I done!
I do trust in,
the Almighty One.
I changed my focus,
onto the One above.
And now I could feel,
His mighty love.
Oh this felt great,
and I felt so grand.
I was ready to go,
for I was in His hand.
We said our good byes.
They walked out the door.
For now filled with peace,
I did fret no more.