Several Reasons

There are several reasons
For the Lord’s times & seasons
But the main reason
For each season
Is to take time to remember
It’s for each and every member
Remember what God has done
How He has blessed each one
He is your protector and shield
Physical, emotional, spiritual He’s healed
In Jesus we have new life
He’s with us through calm and strife
He wants each one to know
O how He loves us so
His desire is that there be no loss
We obtain salvation through the cross
He gave his life freely for us
Remember to thank the Lord Jesus
If it wasn’t for Him
Our lives would be worse than grim
So remember God’s gift of His Son
Our life and victory He has won
Thank you Lord our God for what You’ve done
Blessed, blessed be Your Name O most Holy One


Why am I often sad
when I should be glad?
I have been blessed
along with the rest.
I have been given much
which my spirit does clutch.
Joy and peace are found
to be always around,
but sadness is there too
discontentment comes through.
This troubled soul
needs to be made whole.
Removing all factions
will lead to great actions.
This wholeness
will lead to boldness,
then I will be strong
for I’m where I belong.