Jew & Gentile

God is God of the Jew,
and for the Gentile too.
The Jew knows his space,
Gentiles need to learn their place.
This is the case,
which we all must face.
There is a gap so wide,
the church is full of pride.
Gentiles should not spurn,
but be open to learn
from the Jew, the elder son,
because the Gentile is the younger one.
Once pride is abolished,
the wall can be demolished.
The Gentile needs the Jew,
but the Jew needs the Gentile too.
There is but one God,
to whom we all applaud.
From the Jew let’s learn God’s Word,
so that Jesus can be heard,
and seen in all Gentile action.
May this be an attraction
on both sides
where the Spirit resides.
For the Jew and Gentile alike,
may the God of Abraham spike
an appreciation for each other
calling one another brother.
Then all would be swell
in the land we dwell.

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