Waiting Patiently *Ex. 24:1-18

Exodus 24:1-18
God called these 75 men to worship Him. They also offered God sacrifices. Right after this, God spoke to Moses. Then the 74 men, plus Moses, not only saw God, but they ate and drank in the Presence of the Lord God. Wow! – all because of one man’s obedience.
There is power in worshiping and giving to God a sacrifice, an offering. God called Moses and 74 other men out from amongst the entire community. Out of the 74, God called Moses alone. Because Moses did as God instructed him to do, God called him alone to go higher; a more intimate relationship would develop between God and Moses.
We, too, can have a more intimate relationship with the Lord God. The choice is ours to make.
Why not bring
Yahweh an offering
An offering from your heart
This is a good place to start
Begin with thanks and praise
Worship to Him now raise
Give a sacrifice that is best
You will definitely be blessed
Just you wait patiently and see
Gracious and merciful is He
Note: when God called Moses, Moses did exactly what God asked him to do. Moses did it right away, but then he had to wait patiently, alone for 6 more days before God spoke to him again. On the 7th day God spoke.
We live in a culture of instant gratification. If it doesn’t feel good or if we just plain don’t like it, we don’t or won’t do it. Waiting patiently is not in our vocabulary. We want it (whatever it is) and we want it now; not wanting to wait. But the Bible says: Good things will come to those who patiently wait upon the Lord God.
Patience in waiting on God is the key. It is the key that opens a door to God’s blessings.
Good thing Moses was patient. The things Moses saw and experienced with God none of the others had. Moses walked and talked regularly with God. He was a friend of God. Moses is the only one recorded in the Holy Scriptures that had to put a veil over his face because of God’s glory (light) that radiated out from his face. See:
Exodus 34:29-34
A great verse to end with:
Hebrews 13:7 13:7

Good News

Some trust in chariots
Some trust in men
I’ll trust in the Mighty One
I could say it again

There is one way
One way to go
The Bible does say
God wants you to know

It is in Christ alone
He is the Good News
For all sin He did atone
Do you accept or refuse

The choice is our to make
What will it be
Make no mistake
Jesus can set you free