The Cause

What is the cause
of the following flaws?
What is the measure
that causes such displeasure?
Is it those who are around
where the pressure is found?
Is it through the friend
when mixed messages send?
There is so much in life
wanting to cause one strife;
taking them off course,
so they feel remorse.
But you need to know
this is not a good way to go.
If one truly will reflect
there is not one perfect,
accept the One from above
who bestows endless love
to all those who go to Him.
He’ll remove what is grim.
Only He can deploy
the true essence of joy.
So if you want your fill
it is the Lord’s will
that when you are clean
you will feel serene.
Then the cause of the flaw,
which so many others saw
will no longer harm
causing you alarm.
Their words will no longer matter;
their criticisms will scatter,
which will give you release
to experience His wonderful peace.